12 Kid-Tested Toys for 6-Year-Old Boys

Lauren B. Stevens
Aug. 18, 2015

Stumped by the many choices on the market? Try one of these recommended toys for 6-year-old boys!

Selecting toys for 6-year-old boys can be mind-boggling, but this list of kid-tested ideas should help make your selection easier. From tech-minded to active ideas, these 12 toy selections offer ideas for every 6-year-old boy:

  1. Imaginext Castle Play Set

    Alyson Herzig, a contributor to "I Still Just Want to Pee Alone," struck gold when she gave her son an Imaginext Castle play set. According to her son, "You can use it for almost any single toy even when you are older, from army soldiers to knights fighting dragons. It's cool, I like it a lot and I'm pretty sure I'll never grow out of it before I get out of the house."
  2. Kinetic Sand

    Sand gets high tech with Kinetic Sand kits. Kinetic sand functions similar to clay or wet sand. Joe G. from Nazareth, Pennsylvania, likes playing with kinetic sand because it "doesn't dry out." Miles T. from Baltimore, is a fan of kinetic sand because "it feels smushy and I like to build sand castles with it."
  3. Championship Yo-Yo Tricks

    Mindy Farmer, the creator of The Inquisitive Mom, has three sons, so she's now a pro when it comes to toys for 6-year-old boys. Mindy's son Ezra thinks a book of yo-yo tricks would be perfect. "I want to learn to make a yo-yo leap down the stairs," he says.
  4. Lego Classic Creative Bricks

    Quite possibly the best toy for this age group, classic Lego sets are great for imaginative and active play. Miles recommends Legos because "You can connect them together and build stuff with them." (Miles is a fan of the Star Wars Lego sets). Noah J. and Ezra J., both of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, also love these building bricks. Noah says, "Legos are great because you can build whatever you want and it still turns out cool even if you don't follow the directions." According to Ezra, "[Legos] are fun even when you destroy what you made."
  5. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch

    You might not have a smartwatch, but with the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch, your kid can. Amy Thayer, the creator of Oh So Savvy Mom, says her son "still uses this almost daily after owning it for over a year." Thayer's son adds, "I think it is pretty cool that you can take videos on it. I like to use my watch as a spy watch because I can record messages, and I can also take pictures and record my voice. I also use my watch to keep track of the date. I use my watch to time myself on reading books. I also use the timer on my watch to time how fast I can run and to try and break my records on running and doing my schoolwork."
  6. Minecraft for Xbox One

    Part creative, part tech, Minecraft pushes kids to use their imaginations, which is why Alison Chrun, the creator of Appetite for Honesty, recommends it. Chrun's son loves it because, "Minecraft is the best game on the planet. Everyone knows that!"
  7. Skylanders Wii Game
    When asked about his favorite toy, the son of Karen Johnson (of The 21st Century SAHM) responded with Skylanders for Wii. "It's awesome because I get to use the Portal of Power with my Skylanders. Especially Drobot. He's my favorite. The game is so cool until you get to chapter 21. Then it's really hard!" he says.
  8. Perplexus 3D Maze Puzzle Game

    Erika Bragdon, the creator of Musings From a Stay At Home Mom, says the Perplexus 3D Maze "is one of those toys that lasts forever." Bragdon's son Nathan says, "I like how it has a bunch of challenges and that it looks cool. It's also cool that it's see-through. It's awesome."
  9. Razor Scooter

    Jack K. of Carlisle, Pennsylvania, is a fan of his scooter. "I like my Razor scooter because it's fun and it makes me feel cool -- not chilly, but cool." The Razor Jr. can convert from three wheels to two, perfect for your growing boy.
  10. New Bright RC Big Foot Classic Monster Truck

    Ezra F. from Iowa City, Iowa, favors remote control vehicles, especially the remote control monster truck. When asked why the remote control monster truck was one of his favorite toys, Ezra simply says, "I like remote control cars."
  11. Hot Wheels

    Hot Wheels are another "hot" toy for 6-year-old boys. "I like Hot Wheels because they're fun to play with and they look really cool. I want a full set of the Hot Wheels buildings because I like to build a town with my sister and her Pet Shop buildings," says Ezra F.
  12. Nerf Super Soaker Blaster

    You can't go wrong with a classic, can you? Chrun's son exclaims, "Nerf guns are always a good idea!" (Outdoors, at least).

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Lauren Stevens sets limits on the number of toys her son can have, but thinks that kiddos can never have too many books! When she's not reading to her (almost) preschooler, Lauren is writing for an array of parenting sites, including her own: lo-wren. Her parenting essays have been published in several anthologies.

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