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25 Great Educational Websites for Kids

Kelly Sundstrom
July 31, 2017

Top 25 educational websites for kids that you can feel great about letting your children use!

25 Great Educational Websites for Kids

It's an issue shared by parents and child care providers alike: Your child wants some iPad time, but do you want her spending that time racing motorcycles or sharpening her virtual makeover skills? You'd feel better about her online time if you bookmark some great educational websites for kids. Your child will enjoy wholesome content that will challenge and entertain, and you'll have peace of mind knowing that the screen time isn't just passive and mindless.

Kids "need rich and diverse sources of information," so "they can [process] new thoughts, questions and content," explains Dr. Barbara Swicord, president of the Summer Institute for the Gifted. Educational sites can offer this. Not only can interactive websites supplement their learning, but the right content can help children develop effective processing skills.

There are even plenty of online games that can -- gasp! -- carry educational benefits for kids. "Some games require children to repeat sounds, numbers and directions," says Linda Kreger Silverman, psychologist, founder of the Gifted Development Center and author of "Upside-Down Brilliance." "These sequencing games can enhance auditory processing."

If you want to enhance your child's online learning experience, check out these top 25 educational websites for kids:

  1. NASA Kids Club
    If your kiddos enjoy everything outer space, they will love the NASA Kids Club, which allows kids to see what it's like from an astronaut's point of view.
  2. Khan Academy
    On the Khan Academy website, children can practice sequential math and science skills in a fun and interactive way.
  3. Code Academy
    The Code Academy can get your future computer coders off to a great start -- for free.
  4. CryptoClub
    Teach your children the basics of cryptography with the games, puzzles and comics on CryptoClub.
  5. JumpStart
    Give your children access to free 3D educational games -- including dragon training -- and learning activities on JumpStart that will give them the edge they need to succeed.
  6. Time4Learning
    With its online lessons, videos and educational games, the Time4Learning website has everything you need to provide your children with customized learning.
  7. Standard Deviants Accelerate
    Best for kids in third grade and up, the fast-paced educational videos and games on Standard Deviants Accelerate will keep your curious kids' attention for hours.
  8. Smithsonian Education
    Brought to you by the Smithsonian Institution, Smithsonian Education provides your little ones with rich and interactive online lessons in art, science and culture.
  9. Study Jams
    Help musical kids learn math and science with Study Jams, which combines educational lessons with upbeat songs.
  10. GridClub
    Kids can play challenging games to learn about science, history, English, literature and math on GridClub.
  11. Fascinating Education
    If you have auditory or visual learners at home, Fascinating Education demonstrates complex science concepts in an understandable way.
  12. The Happy Scientist
    Have your children learn about nature studies from Robert Krampf, The Happy Scientist, who produces enthusiastic and informative videos for kids.
  13. Duolingo
    Have your children try out the totally free foreign language programs available on Duolingo.
  14. A Book in Time
    Learn history through great arts and crafts projects, online games, maps and timelines on A Book in Time.
  15. National Geographic Kids
    Kids can find out about the world around them while learning about all areas of science on the National Geographic Kids website.
  16. Seussville
    Take your kids on an exciting trip into the world of Seussville, where they can play games, watch videos and read books online.
  17. HowStuffWorks
    Do you have children who want to know all the details about how manufacturers make pencils or how a computer works? If so, try out the HowStuffWorks website.
  18. Scratch
    Help children learn the basics of computer programming by making their own animations, stories and computer games with Scratch, developed by MIT.
  19. Google Earth
    Allow the kiddos to take a tour around the world right from their living room with Google Earth.
  20. Discovery Kids
    Let Discovery Kids take your children on an interactive journey into the topics of life science, earth science and physical science.
  21. Pottermore
    If you have Harry Potter-obsessed children in your home, expand their wizarding world with Pottermore website, developed by J.K. Rowling herself.
  22. Highlights Kids
    With the Highlights Kids website, little ones can explore age-appropriate crafts, activities, games and stories.
  23. Animal Jam
    For the kids who just love learning about animals all over the world, try out Animal Jam for a truly wild experience.
  24. DOGO News
    Do you want your children to read news that gives them insightful and educational updates about the world? Try out DOGO News, which covers current events in a way that's catered to kids.
  25. A Mighty Girl
    Keep your daughters confident with the positive role models and powerful messages on A Mighty Girl.

Looking for more educational websites for kids to keep your little ones entertained online? Read 12 Fun Kids' Websites for Play and Learning to get additional ideas.

Kelly Sundstrom is an award-winning journalist, author, artist and national special needs spokesperson. As the mother of twice-exceptional children, Sundstrom has been a guest speaker on Grassroots TV in Aspen, Colorado, and offers her support and advocacy to special needs families all over the country.


I love CryptoClub! Thanks for compiling this list, Kelly. For anyone reading this, I can highly recommend the site www.beanbeanbean.com. It has a variety of quizzes, and answering each question correctly donates beans to charity. Kind of like a modernized version of freerice, if you've heard of that.

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