25 free educational websites for kids

March 15, 2021

Kids and screens. Sometimes they’re more of an iconic duo than parents and caregivers would like. Seeing little ones glued to tablets, phones or computers with that look in their eyes — you know the one — rarely produces warm and fuzzy feelings for the people who are caring for them. But real talk here: Resistance is futile when it comes to screens. They’re everywhere! So parents and sitters may as well work with them, rather than fighting against all things digital (or giving up altogether and letting kids go completely hog wild on the tablet).

Screens get a bad rap when it comes to kids, but the truth is, there’s so much more to them than building worlds out of blocks or liking people’s selfies. In fact, there are some seriously educational websites for kids (many of which are free!) that can teach things they may not have time for in the classroom or that can help build upon existing knowledge. 

Want the kiddo in your life to get something positive out of their screen time? Here are 25 of the best free educational websites for kids.

1. Khan Academy

As far as educational websites for kids go, Khan Academy is one of the most well known. Offering interactive games and short, entertaining videos, kids will brush up on everything from art to physics.

2. NASA Kids’ Club

NASA — need we say more? With the free NASA Kids’ Club, little ones can explore outer space via a guide named Nebula, as well as download hands-on STEM activities to do at home. 

3. The Conscious Kid

From a collection of anti-racism books to storytimes to trusted resources on “promoting healthy racial identity development in youth,” The Conscious Kid is a must-go-to site for families and kids of all ages. 

4. CryptoClub

Kids can improve their math skills while learning the basics of cryptography through puzzles and games with CryptoClub

5. JumpStart

JumpStart is easily one of the most comprehensive free educational websites for kids. Featuring adaptive curriculum games for kids of all ages, as well as free printable worksheets, kids will seriously brush up on reading, writing and math skills.

6.  Zoo Guardians

From the Smithsonian National Zoo, Zoo Guardians features videos of cool animals, along with games that let kids “build their own zoo” in order to become “conservation heroes.”

7. Math Blaster

Do you have what it takes to save the galaxy — with math?! Kids will get a kick out of playing Math Blaster, a futuristic-looking, free site that has both math games and super cool characters.

8. Duolingo

Designed to feel like a game, Duolingo uses flashcards, listening exercises and more to help kids (and adults!) learn a new language. 

9. My Hero

Using media, art and technology, the goal of My Hero is to tell the stories of unlikely heroes from all around the world. At the same time, My Hero hopes to empower kids to “realize their potential to effect positive change in the world.”

10. Stop Disasters!

Best for kids in seventh grade and up, Stop Disasters! is a sim game that helps educate kids on the risks posed by natural disasters. Kids have the opportunity to learn about tsunamis, earthquakes and more while building defenses that will help protect — or rebuild — society.

11. GridClub

The educational content on GridClub seems to be endless, really. The site lays out tons of different topics to click on, along with age-appropriate learning games, videos and activities that correspond with each subject. 

12. Fascinating Education

Got a visual learner? Fascinating Education is a free educational website for high school kids that uses colorful illustrations (and attached audio files) for a “right brain approach” to learning science.  

13. A Book in Time

Awesome books. Fun activities. Interesting crafts. A Book in Time is the perfect free educational website for kids who can’t get enough of history. 

14. Smithsonian Learning Lab

The goal of the Smithsonian Learning Lab is to “support deep, meaningful learning” with “authentic resources and tools” for kids. Chock-full of videos no parent or caregiver can resist, along with interactive games, this is one website to bookmark for sure.  

15. National Geographic Kids

It’s National Geographic, so you know it’s legit. The National Geographic Kids website features videos and games about things kids may not otherwise learn in school, such as the wackiest places in the world. Cool!

16. Make Me Genius

Geared towards kids in grades kindergarten through seventh, Make Me Genius doesn’t just provide videos and games for students. The site also has sections for “jokes” and “cool facts for kids.”

17. Google Earth

Why not let kids play around on Google Earth for a bit? Not only will they get a kick out of seeing their own house, but they’ll get to tour the globe from the couch. Pretty awesome. 

18. Bedtime Math

Beloved by educators, Bedtime Math is a super-comprehensive free math site for younger kids. By using things not typically used in school — like a swimming pool of chocolate — kids won’t just learn to like math, they’ll excel at it. 

19. Scratch

Got a kiddo who wants to learn computer programming? Scratch, developed by MIT, teaches kids the basics by showing them how to make animations, games and stories.

20. Wizarding World 

For anyone obsessed with “Harry Potter” or “Fantastic Beasts,” Wizarding World is where it’s at. With a huge archive of games, quizzes and facts galore, little bookworms will be in heaven. 

21. PBS Design Squad

Got a kiddo who wants to learn how to make a light-up baby jumper? Or a wind turbine? PBS Design Squad features loads of hands-on activities, along with videos and games. 

22. A Mighty Girl

Calling all fierce girls! A Mighty Girl has tons of books, videos, activities and more on super-inspiring women, from Malala to Frida Kahlo. 

23. SuperCrew for Kids

All about food and nutrition, SuperCrew for Kids teaches kids about health through fun characters and colorful games and worksheets — and it even offers simple recipes for snacks.  

24. Friendzy Freebies

Part of the Friendzy site, Friendzy Freebies contains tons of activities, projects and books to help kids with social and emotional learning (SEL). From a “Be Kind All the Time” bingo game to important info about responding to racism, it’s a great site for helping kids navigate their feelings. 

25. Starfall

Geared toward kids from preschool to third grade, Starfall has a super extensive library of important basics, such as letters, numbers, colors and rhyming. 

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