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36 Fall Crafts for Kids

Marjorie Bogart
Oct. 7, 2013

Be inspired by the great outdoors with these fun and easy autumn crafts for children.

As the air gets colder and the leaves start to fall, break out your glue gun and start crafting! Embrace nature with these autumn-themed DIY crafts that are perfect to do with kids of all ages. They're great for parents and sitters to do with children on those blustery fall days.

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  1. Fall Leaf Prints
    Even the youngest kids can have fun with this craft! Get a pack of crayons and let them go wild shading over the leaves.

  2. Acorn Owls
    Use felt to turn simple acorns into adorable nocturnal woodland birds. Experiment and see what other types of animals your kids can make.

  3. Pine Cone Painting
    When the weather is nice, have the kids go on a pine cone scavenger hunt and save the findings for a rainy day. Turn the painted pinecones into hanging wall art by tying a ribbon around the top or transform them into individual place card holders.

  4. Autumn Placemats
    Turn a nature walk into an inexpensive dinner table decoration. Have each child decorate their own placemat to use every night or create a bunch and use them for Thanksgiving dinner with relatives.

  5. Pinecone Gnomes
    Kids will go crazy over these mischievous magical gnomes. Create an endless scavenger hunt by hiding the gnomes around the yard and letting the kids search for them.

  6. Pumpkin Seed Art
    Don't let those pumpkin seeds go to waste! After carving your spookiest jack-o'-lantern, pick the seeds out of the pumpkin and let the kids make colorful mosaics.

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  7. Indian Corn Necklace
    Who doesn't love making beautiful jewelry at a fraction of the cost? Use corn kernels as precious jewels and let your little girl make a fabulous necklace or bracelet.

  8. Fall Leaf Fairy
    Girls will love creating their very own magical forest fairies!

  9. Pinecone Birds
    Animal lovers, this one is great for you! The googley eyes are the perfect touch to these adorable birds.

  10. Leaf Lantern
    Keep the lanterns kid-friendly by using battery operated tea candles in place of flame candles.

  11. Autumn Lantern
    Make a few lanterns and light them at night. Put them around your fire pit or grill for ambiance when you're outside roasting marshmallows for s'mores.

  12. Stick Frame
    Fill the frames with your child's hand-drawn pictures or artwork to make great holiday gifts for grandparents and other relatives.

  13. Fall Apple Print Banner
    Painting with apples is a fun activity for kids of every age. Save a few extra apples and add some peanut butter or cinnamon for a healthy snack while you wait for the paint to dry.

  14. Salt Dough Leaf Prints
    Bring the fun into the kitchen with this super simple craft great for little fingers. Kids will love touching and mushing the salt dough into circles.

  15. Beeswax Acorns
    Bring the great outdoors inside without inviting the bugs! Sprinkle these acorns across the dining room table to create a festive center piece.

  16. Birch Bark Frame
    This DIY frame is easy to make and creates a wonderful fall keepsake. Personalize the craft by filling it with a photo of your family enjoying a nature hike or playing in your backyard.

  17. Paper Acorn Collage
    No need to be precise with this craft -- the collage looks even better when it's messy.

  18. Wind Chimes
    Bring the rainbow home with you with this colorful activity. Let kids add glitter or paint designs to customize their chimes.

  19. Acorn Vase
    If you have an oak tree in your yard, you must be used to getting hit on the head by acorns. This season, turn that autumn annoyance into something fun, like an outdoor vase.

  20. Pebble Art
    Who knew rocks could be art? The trick is to find small flat pebbles, which are easier to glue down.

  21. Fall Leaf Bunting
    Celebrate the season with this leaf banner. For the pennant backings, recycle worn-out books that your kids have outgrown.

  22. Leaf Cutout Frame
    Let your kids punch out fun designs or use scissors to cut the leaves however they want.

  23. Walnut Boat
    Get a head start on Christmas with these ornaments. Make a whole bunch and have your very own fleet come wintertime.

  24. Leaf Crown
    Make your son king of the backyard! This super simple craft can inspire hours of backyard play, as he rules his kingdom of forest creatures.

  25. Nature Walk Purse
    Turn those leaves into a wearable fashion accessory. Your little girl will love collecting the prettiest flowers and leaves to design her very own purse.

  26. Chestnut Worm
    This craft is great for young kids, as the beading helps them improve their fine motor skills. Just make sure you use a blunt needle, so they don't prick their fingers.

  27. Fall Flower Crowns
    This craft is so easy to make, kids can practically do it themselves!

  28. Fall Leaf Suncatcher
    Brighten up your house with these suncatchers. Kids will love watching the colors shimmer through the window.

  29. Leaf Connect the Dots
    This interactive craft is great for elementary-age children. They'll love connecting the dots and coloring in a page full of autumn leaves.

  30. Land Art
    Bring the craft fun outside and have the kids spruce up nature. Turn it into a matching activity by having them find leaves of each color.

  31. Paper Plate Bird Nest
    Take advantage of supplies you can find inside and outside your house. Grass and twigs, as well as yarn, will make great nest supplies.

  32. Gourd Birds
    These goofy looking birds are a great way to use extra berries and leaves that you collect on a nature walk. Gourds are very hard, so let the little ones pick what items to stick where, but have a grownup use the thumbtacks.

  33. Waxed Leaves
    Hold onto fall just a little bit longer by preserving leaves in wax. Have the kids come up with creative uses for the leaves, like hanging them in their room or making a wreath.

  34. Wood Slice Pumpkins
    Perfect for all-age kids, this craft can be adjusted for every skill level. Keep it simple with painting for younger kids or step it up with the older kids and add a stem and leaves.

  35. Leaf People Puppets
    Put on a puppet show with these leaf finger puppets. Use natural supplies from your backyard or use synthetic leaves to make them last forever.

  36. Seed and Spice Mandala
    Turn this craft into a kitchen decoration by making it a refrigerator magnet.

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