27 Mother's Day gift ideas kids can make

Mother's Day is quickly approaching and lots of toddlers, preschoolers and even older kids are itching to DIY that perfect gift for mom — something special she will love, cherish and keep forever — and that won't make her ask, "What is it?" Whether it's a present for mom or grandma, an aunt or nanny or any other special person in their lives, here are a bunch of great homemade gift ideas kids can actually make.

Note to dads, partners, nannies and sitters: these fun activities make perfect Mother’s Day gifts from kids.  In the days leading up to Mother's Day, simply pull together the supplies and help little ones craft one of these mini masterpieces just for mom.

1. Painted bead bracelets

Image via Willowday

Create these pretty custom bracelets from Willowday with paint, ribbon and small wooden beads! Each bead represents a different child, so kids can personalize their bead and combine them for one great gift from everyone.

2. Paper bag flowers

Image via House by Hoff

These paper bag flowers from House by Hoff could not possibly be cuter. And when it comes to homemade Mother’s Day gifts from kids, they could not be easier!

3. Fingerprint hearts

This one's a cinch! Have each child place a finger in a color paint and press their fingerprints into a heart shape on paper, a blank card or a small canvas from your local craft store. Make sure you date this work of art, so years later mom can remember how tiny those itty bitty fingers once were. One of the sweetest Mother’s Day gifts from children!

4. Handprint aprons

All you'll need to make these DIY handprint aprons from Old Salt Farm, is a plain-colored apron and some paint. Then your kids can start getting messy.

5. Painted flower pots

Image via Leafy Sustain

What’s better — and more fun — than a regular flower pot? A hand-painted flower pot, like these stunners from Leafy Sustain. Guaranteed to make any plants pop.

6. Paper flower bouquet

Surprise mom with pretty flowers that will last and last. This video tutorial will show you how. 

7. Handprint art

Image via My Life and Kids

How cute is this handprint art from Mod Podge Rocks (via My Life and Kids)? One of the best (easiest!) Mother’s Day ideas for toddlers!

8. Mother's Day matchbox locket

Now here's a sweet piece of jewelry for Mother's Day. This DIY matchbox locket from Lilly Cakes will cost you virtually nothing to make.

9. Citrus peel soap

Image via Darling Clementine

Children will need a helping hand with this citrus peel, soap-making activity that's akin to baking and requires melting glycerin and adding special oils and perfumes. Darling Clementine has a how-to for this sweet-smelling gift. 

10. Spring hydrangeas

Image via Flowering Pretties/Instagram

How gorgeous are these paper hydrangea florets from Flowering Pretties? Stunning color and easy to maintain.

11. Mini succulent gardens

Image via Vegan Sparkles

Looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas from kids that cost next to nothing? Why not make one of these adorable mini succulent gardens a la  Vegan Sparkles? So cute!

12. Popsicle stick flowers and flower box

With a little paint, glue and sticks, you can make this cute flowery decor from Creatively Quirky at Home. Bonus: They require no watering.

13. Monster bookmarks

Image via The Empty Bookself/Instagram

For moms who love to read — or read chapter books with their kids — how about one of these cute origami monster bookmarks from The Empty Bookself? Fun to give and even more fun to make!

14. Mom and baby bird nests

Image via Art Is Basic

This adorable birds and nests clay project from Art is Basic will result in sighs of "Awww!" from mom. It's cute and easy to do with young kids.

15. Personalized candles

Image via I Can Teach My Child

Burning a candle with their children's names and artwork will make relaxing in the tub even better. Follow the tutorial for personalized candles on I Can Teach My Child. So clever!

16. Mother's Day purse card

Celebrate mom in style this Mother's Day with this pretty DIY purse card from Crafty Morning. It may not hold much, but it's sure to be packed with love!

17. Pallet display plaques

Image via Oh My! Creative

Want to give mom a cute way to display photos or sweet art projects? Try this DIY pallet plaque from Oh My! Creative (via View From the Fridge).

18. Ladybug garden rocks

Image via Oopsey Daisy

Any mama would love to have a kid-painted ladybug in her garden. Gather a rock and red and black paint, and follow the how-to on Oopsey Daisy. Put the ladybug in mom's garden or it can also make a fun paperweight for her desk.

19. DIY lip scrub

Image via Crafts by Amanda

Give mom a smooth kisser (for smooching, of course) with this all natural DIY lip scrub from Crafts by Amanda. A Mother’s Day gift she can genuinely use!

20. Heart pillow

This homemade heart pillow from the Kids Activities Blog is made of cushioned shelf liner, cotton balls and yarn. A sweet little gift and a great beginner's craft for learning to sew.

21. Handprint bouquet 

Image via The Trendy Treehouse

Love this handprint bouquet from The Trendy Treehouse. All you need is a large piece of construction paper, some washable finger paint and some small hands. Fun craft and instant gift! 

22. Crafty bird house

Decorating a pre-made birdhouse with paint and/or beads and buttons is an easy and fun project for kids. Although it may take some supervision, the final project will be something colorful that mom can marvel at for years to come.

23. Washi tape cell phone case

Image via While He Was Napping

Give mom an upgrade with this easy washi tape phone case craft from While He Was Napping. Pick out different patterns and colors, and then decorate to your heart's content.

24. Painted paper bouquets

Kids can make these pretty hand-painted flower bouquets from Painted Paper Art with just watercolors and coffee filters.

25. DIY mason jar vase

Image via Make and Takes

This pretty DIY mason jar vase from Make and Takes is best-suited for older kids. If you have a range of ages, you can have the younger kids add the gemstones to the jar and paint a tag while the older children tie the ribbon and make the wire handle.

26. Bowtie pasta bouquet

This simple project calls for colorful bowtie pasta, glue and some burlap or similar material. A genuine rival for the iconic macaroni necklace.

27. Simple bouquet

DIY gifts don't get easier (or prettier!) than this. Pick some roses or other lovely blooms from the garden and fill a vase or mason jar.  Add a card for mom and that's a wrap!

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