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101 Hanukkah activities for kids

Erica Loop
Oct. 27, 2017

Interested in trying some new crafts and activities for Hanukkah? "Judaism is a fully experiential religion: we eat matzah, hear the shofar, smell spices at havdalah, light candles for Shabbat and holidays," says Ruchi Koval, the co-founder and director of the Jewish Family Experience, the creator of Out of the Ortho Box and a certified parenting coach.

"Crafts and other experiential activities, besides for being fun, imprint unforgettable memories in young children that are likely to remain positive associations long after and into adulthood."

Here are at least eight nights' worth of cool, cute, creative and crafty Hanukkah activities for kids.

Check out these 101 imaginative activities that will engage your kids' mind, body and soul:

  1. Make recycled dreidel paper dolls.
  2. Create a Hanukkah silhoutte using torn-up pieces of colorful craft paper.
  3. Make an eight-night countdown calendar.
  4. Create a menorah out of cardboard tubes.
  5. Practice writing Hebrew letters.
  6. Play a game of dreidel.
  7. Create your own dreidel board game.
  8. Make a clothespin menorah.
  9. Create a hopscotch court featuring different Hanukkah symbols.
  10. Explore a DIY Hanukkah sensory bin.
  11. Make white chocolate s'mores with blue marshmallows.
  12. Play a color-matching game using different menorah candles.
  13. Make a mouth-watering edible menorah.
  14. Volunteer at a soup kitchen.
  15. Make paper plate latkes.
  16. Create a colorful menorah out of a block of wood.
  17. Put together a goodie bag for each of the eight nights.
  18. Dip a dreidel lollipop.
  19. Make a sparkling menorah garland.
  20. Bake candle-shaped cookies.
  21. Add the candle cookies to a menorah-shaped cake.
  22. Push pretzel sticks through marshmallows to make edible dreidels.
  23. Write Hanukkah poems.
  24. Put on a play about the story of Hanukkah.
  25. Paint a menorah.
  26. Dress up like a dreidel.
  27. Make a Lego menorah.
  28. Use pipe cleaners to make a Star of David.
  29. Make potato latkes.
  30. Make latke waffles (yes, waffles)!
  31. Turn a used egg carton into an upcycled menorah.
  32. Use (unlit) Hanukkah candles to practice addition and subtraction.
  33. Make Star of David sculptures out of popsicle sticks.
  34. Hang these sculptures on a string to make a decorative garland.
  35. Transform veggies into faux holiday candles.
  36. Turn your used plasticware lids into Hanukkah sun catchers.
  37. Make a "stained glass" menorah out of tissue paper.
  38. Read Hanukkah-themed books.
  39. Write your own Hanukkah book.
  40. Make festive finger puppets.
  41. Put on a holiday puppet show.
  42. Organize a plate of fruit into the shape of a menorah.
  43. Print out and fold a paper dreidel.
  44. Sing holiday songs.
  45. Make a dreidel out of a take-out box and cardboard tube.
  46. Bake blue-and-white cookies.
  47. Turn baby food jars into an upcycled menorah.
  48. Mix your own blue playdough.
  49. Print a Hanukkah playdough mat.
  50. Use Hanukkah-themed cookie cutters to mold your playdough into festive shapes.
  51. Make your own gelt.
  52. Take a family selfie.
  53. Design a dreidel mobile.
  54. Build a pencil-powered dreidel.
  55. Make a menorah out of blocks and use tiny toys as "candles."
  56. Create a dreidel garland.
  57. Make Star of David tape art.
  58. Prepare holiday cards.
  59. Gather up your family and try to form a human menorah.
  60. Scrub-a-dub-dub with DIY Hanukkah bath stickers.
  61. Make tin can Star of David luminaries.
  62. Assemble a photo menorah on your wall.
  63. Make your own gelt bags.
  64. Use the bags to create a gelt tree.
  65. Make a Star of David wreath.
  66. Bake Hanukkah stained glass cookies.
  67. Make a batch of rice cereal treats and frost them with blue frosting.
  68. Decorate holiday gift bags.
  69. Paint paper dreidels.
  70. Create a menorah puzzle.
  71. Give gelt to your neighbors.
  72. Fold an origami dreidel.
  73. Create a Star of David photo frame out of popsicle sticks.
  74. Make a Hanukkah word jumble.
  75. Create a felt-board menorah.
  76. Outline your dreidel's letters using glitter glue.
  77. Decorate dreidel cookies.
  78. Count how many times your dreidel spins in five seconds.
  79. Make dreidel snow globes.
  80. Bake menorah-shaped bread.
  81. Sponge stamp Hanukkah wrapping paper.
  82. Use an old container to make a tzedakah box.
  83. Create a paper chain and tape it up in the shape of a menorah.
  84. Whip up a batch of blue velvet cupcakes.
  85. Play Hanukkah-themed charades.
  86. Bake dreidel goodies with a sweet surprise inside.
  87. Create a felt dreidel banner.
  88. Use fabric paint to decorate Hanukkah T-shirts.
  89. Make a set of memory match cards featuring Hebrew letters.
  90. Go to a menorah lighting ceremony.
  91. Spin like a dreidel.
  92. Turn dried apricots into gelt.
  93. Explore all of the different ways you can make sums of eight using number magnets.
  94. Bake Hanukkah beignets.
  95. Make a holiday collage.
  96. Create Hanukkah gift tags.
  97. Make a menorah out of masking tape.
  98. Bake jelly-filled sufganiyot.
  99. Paint a watercolor lantern.
  100. Create a Hanukkah memory book.
  101. Spend time talking and laughing with loved ones -- one of the most important Hanukkah activities of all!

Want more Hanukkah activities? Check out these 5 Hanukkah Songs.

Erica Loop is a mom, educator and parenting writer, who has an MS in child development. When she's not teaching, Erica's busy creating kids' activities for her blog, Mini Monets and Mommies.

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