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7 Easy Dessert Recipes for Kids

Cara J. Stevens
June 5, 2017

Let your kids' creativity run wild in the kitchen with these easy dessert recipes for kids that they can make on their own.



Your kids want dessert, but you have other things to do after dinner -- so let them make their own sweet treats with these easy recipes. If you have a little time and don't mind the mess, teach your little ones some easy dessert recipes for kids -- they'll be cooking these on their own before you know it.

When kids are let loose in the kitchen, they become little food scientists, experimenting, exploring, testing theories and making their own creations. "When you show someone how to do something, there's an 'aha' moment," says Karen Tack, a food stylist and the co-author of "Hello Cupcake" and "Cake My Day." "Once kids see how you do something, they start thinking outside the box, and they usually take it one step further." A can-do attitude, adult encouragement by you or their nanny, and simple techniques are the keys to success when you're demonstrating easy dessert recipes for kids. Desserts don't have to be complicated. "Kids can roll candy, dip, paint and create using simple crafting techniques, not much different from the art they do in school," says Alan Richardson, Tack's writing partner.

Depending on your kids' ages and skill levels, you might want to help with cutting or otherwise consider how your kids can stay safe in the kitchen. "Some tools can help make things a little safer for children and allow them to get more involved," says author, homeschooler and blogger Janine LaTulippe. "For example, a hand chopper can help children cut things up without supervision and a toaster oven is a little safer than a real oven." Get kids started in the kitchen with these seven easy dessert recipes for kids that are so easy they won't even need your help.

  1. Freeze Fresh Fruit
    All you need is colorful fruits, agave syrup, freezer molds and patience to whip up these Frozen Fruit Pops from SkinnyTaste. Kids can layer the fruit, pour in the juice and insert the sticks, but you'll need to remind them to be patient as this fruity, vitamin-rich dessert freezes. (You might also need to help with the cutting.)
  2. Blend Banana "Ice Cream." 
    This frozen dessert is so simple, your kids only need to push "blend" for a sweet treat. Chef Debra Ponzek, author of "The Family Kitchen," explains how. "Peel and slice overripe bananas and put in plastic bags and freeze. When frozen, place in a food processor and process until smooth. Your kids will swear it's ice cream. Sometimes I add peanut butter or a drizzle of honey."
  3. Make Apple Pie Dumplings
    Made with ready-made biscuit dough and store-bought pie filling, the only thing you'll have to do for these two-ingredient apple pie dumplings from Spend with Pennies is remove them from the oven.
  4. Microwave Cereal Treats
    These cereal treats from Food52 can be made in the microwave and customized with your kid's favorite breakfast cereal and mix-ins. Press into a pan to cool before cutting into squares, or eat straight out of the bowl!
  5. Roll Things Up
    Even the littlest chefs will gobble up sushi when it's served for dessert. This fruit sushi recipe from Bring Joy only takes a few steps from start to finish, and provides a healthy dessert thanks to the banana and coconut.
  6. Make Fruit Pizza
    This combines dessert and pizza -- kids' two favorite things!
    This dessert pizza recipe from SugarHero features a sugar-cookie crust and cream cheese "sauce." Cut corners with slice-and-bake dough (or even premade cookies). For a less sweet base, regular biscuit dough or even tortillas work just as well.
  7. Dip Things in Chocolate
    Few things can be more kid-friendly and easy to do than dipping fruit in chocolate. With this chocolate-covered strawberry recipe from Handle the Heat, kids can melt the chocolate in the microwave before coating the strawberries and dipping them in nuts, sprinkles or crushed cookies.

So what are you waiting for? Grab some kid-sized aprons and get cooking! For more sweet ideas, check out 9 Easy Dessert Ideas.

Cara Stevens is a freelance writer living in Connecticut. She has authored 9 books for children, including the After School Stuff books and 60 Super Simple After School Activities, which include several original recipes for kids to make on their own.

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