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Breakfast Ideas For Kids to Make Themselves

Amy Aitman
June 2, 2017

Save time in the morning by having your kids prepare their own easy breakfasts. Here are 9 great recipes your kids can make while you finish getting ready.



Some mornings, making breakfast is the last thing you want to do. If your kids know their way around the kitchen, let them make their own morning food with these breakfast ideas for kids. If you start your kids off early in the kitchen, they'll learn the basic kitchen and safety skills they need to start making meals. Debbie Madson, the head chef, founder and creator of Kids Cooking Activities, says, "Kids are often eager to help out in the kitchen. Parents and nannies can involve children in making simple snacks and stirring ingredients while they are young." Once you build those first skills and teach basic kitchen safety, kids can move on to making things on their own.

Diana K. Rice, a registered dietitian who works with The Monday Campaigns, encourages kids to really get into the kitchen as much as possible and says breakfast is a great place to start. "Kids don't always need a recipe to make breakfasts," says Rice. "Let them crack eggs, add milk and watch the eggs carefully on the stove. Kids should learn the skills of cooking so they'll be more confident in the kitchen." An added bonus when kids learn to cook? They're learning "math skills, problem solving and being creative," Rice points out. Kids should be in the kitchen helping out, and breakfast is a fun, easy-to-make meal that kids can get involved in. Madson encourages parents, "As kids get older, they can be given more responsibilities in the kitchen. Find easy recipes that kids can make themselves." Here are nine simple ideas to get you started:

Breakfast Ideas For Kids to Make Themselves

  1. Layer a Parfait
    Set out some berries, yogurt and clear glasses and let your kids make their own fruit and yogurt parfaits. Top with nuts or granola for some crunch, like this healthy granola parfait from Moni Meals. Kids can make these dessert-like breakfasts all by themselves from start to finish, and there's minimal clean-up for you.
  2. Top Some Toast
    Kids can make their own toast for breakfast and top it with any of the 20 topping ideas from Super Healthy Kids. The combinations are endless, meaning that your kids can customize their breakfast to their liking (and make a silly face of out their food while they're at it!).
  3. Zap Up Breakfast
    If your kids can use the microwave, they can make these yummy breakfast bars from Cooking Classy all by themselves for breakfast. Replace the chocolate chips with dried fruit for a healthier twist.
  4. Serve Pizza
    A quick way to get your kids to eat their breakfast is to let them eat pizza. If your kid can put toppings on an English muffin and use a toaster oven, she can make this English muffin breakfast pizza from Damn Delicious. Set out a variety of different toppings every day to keep this idea from getting boring.
  5. Use Paintbrushes
    Who knew that breakfast could be so artistic? This painted toast recipe from Teach Preschool will get kids in the kitchen making toast and doing art, all in one great morning activity. Let your kids paint a rainbow on their bread before toasting lightly.
  6. Crack an Egg
    Keep kids away from the stove and show them how to cook eggs in the microwave. These cheesy eggs from Home is Where the Cookies Are cook in a coffee mug in under two minutes. Add veggie mix-ins or use the eggs for a filling breakfast sandwich.
  7. Sprinkle Sugar
    Kids of all ages will enjoy making and eating classic cinnamon toast from Simply Recipes. Serve with milk and fruit for a wholesome, sweet breakfast that kids can make on their own -- just make sure they don't go overboard with the sugar!
  8. Stack a Sandwich
    Even little kids can help make these yummy banana peanut butter banana split sandwiches. Older kids can flip these at the stove, but younger crowds may want to use a toaster oven with your help.
  9. Skip Instant Oatmeal
    Instead of relying on store-bought packets of instant oatmeal, help your kids premix their own custom batch. When it's time to cook, your kids can use this DIY microwave oatmeal recipe from Mom's Kitchen Handbook to prep their own healthy breakfast.

For more kid-friendly meal ideas, check out these 4 Quick Breakfast Ideas for Kids On-The-Go.

Amy Aitman is a freelance writer, 8menwriting.com and a mommy blogger, mommypatter.com. She enjoys letting her 4-year-old crack eggs and whisk them while she is in charge of the actual cooking.

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