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Caroline, Will, & Me

When I was 5 years old, what I wanted most in this whole wide world was a baby sister. It was my wish on every candle I could find, on every star I could make out in the night sky, the 'p.s' to my every prayer whispered at Sunday mass. 

And then, a year later, she arrived. Miss Caroline, the duchess of pink, the queen of curls and cute. She was a pint sized michelin man (so chubby. like sooooo chubby) with smiling Irish eyes and wispy brown hair. God, she was cute. This little miss bounced about every where she went, always singing, always flitting and flirting around the room. 

I was utterly obsessed with her. Still am. She was living proof if you wish so super hard, do your summer workbooks, and go to bed on time, dreams can come true.
Star Secret: I also made sure to go the extra mile and mention this humble request to every magical figure at Disney World during my family's visit. Worked like a charm.

A few years later, Will "The Mayor" McNamara joined the fold. He had a mop of blonde curls, bright blue eyes, a chin always dripping in drool, and the most laid back attitude a dad with 2 daughters could hope for (there was definitely a celebratory fist bump in the delivery room). He makes friends anywhere and everywhere we go, and still maintains his 'not a care in the world' approach to life no matter the situation. Now, with this description in mind, you may be wondering to yourself whether or not my brother is in fact a dog. Honestly, I'm not entirely sure myself. 

Pause for a second: I can't tell you how weird it is to walk into a familiar place, and be met with a blend of "hey will-man!" and "how you doin' will buddy!" from everyone in attendance, especially when the Will in question is 3. Now you know why we called him the mayor. Will has a heart of gold, an unabashedly goofy personality, and a kind, gentle soul I have yet to meet in anyone else. 

They're both deep into their adolescence at this point, my sister is mere weeks away from freshman year of college, my brother having just passed his driver's test this past Friday. Friends and family alike joke that my mother must assuredly be in the midst of a 'where did my babies go' breakdown...but she's not the only one. 

I'm 6 years older than my sister, and 8 years older than my brother. Throughout our sibling-hood, the significant age gap helped established our relationship as more of a pseudo mom - child type gig, rather than the friendly sister-sister-brother bond other sets of siblings have. We're close, but only recently have we started to move onto an equal playing field. 

Not long ago, little toddler Will used to tip toe into my room, and whisper "Manny, Manny are you awake?" when he'd have a bad dream. Though I used to wake up in the morning to his muffled snoring and his stinky little foot in my face, I still loved knowing that I was his place of refuge when the monsters in the dark were too much for him to handle alone.

Princess Coco (dubbed Coco since Will couldn't, for the life of him, pronounce Caroline) used to poke her head in my room, sit on my bed, and watch me go about my business. I'd usually give up whatever mundane tasks I was entertaining myself with, and film silly music videos with her to our favorite songs, always winging it and giggling at the outcome. Her imagination is always on full force, I love watching the wheels turn in her head, and seeing what they create. Caroline was  constantly crafting and concocting, and over the years, my bureau transformed into a trophy room proudly displaying each little masterpiece she gifted me. 

They've grown up. Significantly. In fact, they're both taller than me, and not a day goes by where they don't remind me. We listen to the same tunes, laugh at the same celebrities, send each other silly internet finds, and binge on the same shows. Thankfully, we all share a very very similar sense of humor, (that's a big ol' W for this gal).
I miss them, but at the same time, I'm glad we've finally entered the portion of the program where we're friends.

I read a report online the other day that the hole in the ozone is closing. So too is the gap between us 3. Coincidence? I think not. Let's all raise a glass to a new era filled with safer sunny days and friendship. What a long strange trip its been with these two, but I couldn't be any more excited to see what comes next.


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  • What an amazing story Amanda, thanks for sharing.

  • I am so happy that you all are friends beside siblings. To know you will there for each your whole life long because of that bond. Thanks for the story.

  • Your descriptions of them are hilarious, heartwarming, and make me want to high five them. Love this.

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