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14 St. Patrick’s Day crafts for kids

From rainbows and pots o' gold to shamrocks and leprechauns, these St. Patrick's Day crafts for kids are as lucky as it gets.

14 St. Patrick’s Day crafts for kids

St. Patrick’s Day (and springtime!) is right around the corner! Parents, sitters or nannies can help kids get into the Irish spirit with these fun and easy St. Patrick’s Day crafts. Here are 14 rainbow, pot ‘o gold, shamrock and lucky leprechaun-inspired St. Patrick’s Day crafts for kids of all ages.

1. Paper cup leprechaun hat

St. Patrick's Day crafts for kids
Image via Kids Craft Room

Talk about a simple St. Patrick’s Day craft that will delight kids! These cute — extremely affordable — paper cup leprechaun hats from Kids Craft Room require little more than a paper cup and some markers. Perfect for when you’re looking for something to do in a pinch.

2. Froot Loop name rainbows

Froot Loop rainbow name craft for St. Patricks Day
Image via Chantelle Frank/Instagram

With just a few simple supplies, these Froot Loop name rainbows from Chantelle Frank are a craft and a kids’ learning activity all in one. Little ones can practice identifying colors, counting pieces for each row and spelling their name (and, you know, grab a snack in between). Parents will love hanging these beauties on the fridge.

3. Rolled paper 4-leaf clover

Shamrock clover paper craft for St. Patrick's Day
Image via Eureka Public Library/Instagram

This rolled paper 4-leaf clover craft from Eureka Public Library looks more complicated than it is. You’ll simply need three different shades of green paper cut into strips and a stapler. One of the easiest St Patrick’s Day crafts for kids out there.

4. Leprechaun trap

Leprechaun trap craft for kids for St. Patricks Day
South Bay Kids Connection/Instagram

Everyone loves building a good leprechaun trap! Really, the most fun part of this craft is letting the kids come up with their own ways to catch the little green guys. But here’s a cool leprechaun trap example from South Bay Kids Connection.

5. Froot Loops rainbow

Froot Loops rainbow craft for kids on St. Patricks Day
Image via AKA Moms/Instagram

This Froot Loops rainbow craft from AKA Moms is great for toddlers and preschoolers learning their colors and building fine motor skills. An adult can outline the rainbow in colored dots, and then let kids glue on the cereal pieces in corresponding colors. The one of the cutest — most edible! — St. Patrick’s Day crafts for kids.

6. Tissue paper shamrocks

St. Patrick's Day tissue paper shamrocks craft for kids
Image via Simply Colleen /Instagram

Here’s a St. Patrick’s Day craft that’s easy enough for toddlers and Pre-K children but still fun for older kids too. All you need to create these festive tissue paper shamrocks from Simply Colleen is some shamrock shapes cut from paper or cardstock, strips of green tissue paper, and glue.

7. Pompom rainbow

St. Patrick's Day pompom rainbow in the clouds craft for kids
Image via Making Life Blissful/Instagram

Make your own pompom rainbow in the clouds or use a free printable rainbow template from Making Life Blissful. Just glue colorful pompoms and white cotton balls to make the cutest (and fluffiest) St. Patrick’s Day rainbow.

8. Counting clover leaves

St. Patrick's Day counting clover leaves craft for kids
Image via Little Ones Learn/Instagram

This counting clover leaves craft from Little Ones Learn is an easy dot-stamping activity for the youngest leprechauns! Adults can write out numbers and draw stems, letting the kids use dot stampers to practice counting while making the clover leaves.

9. Fruit Loop craft-snack

St. Patrick's Day Fruit Loop rainbow craft for kids
Image via DIY Bucket List/Instagram

Are these Fruit Loop rainbow creations from DIY Bucket List a sweet craft or a sweet snack? Yes! They’re fun for kids to make — and eat! — and only require cereal, ribbon and some cotton candy for the clouds.

10. Pot o’ gold

St. Patrick's Day pot of gold craft for kids
Image via book.obsessed.mama/Instagram

To make this pot of gold craft from Book Obsessed Mama, start by having kids do some rainbow watercolor paintings for the background. Then, have them glue on some gold coins and their very own pot o‘ gold. Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.

11. Craft sticks rainbow

St. Patrick's Day craft sticks rainbow craft for kids
Image via The Resourceful Mama

This simple and colorful craft sticks rainbow craft from The Resourceful Mama is a fun one for both little and big kids — and you might already have craft sticks and cotton rounds on hand.

12. “I’m lucky to be me” shamrock

St. Patrick's Day four leaf clover craftivity for kids
Image via Lessons for Little Ones/Instagram

Here’s a St. Patrick’s Day “craftivity” from Lessons for Little Ones that gets kids writing and really thinking about what makes them feel lucky in life. No two shamrocks will be the same!

13. Shamrock chalk art

St. Patrick's Day sidewalk chalk shamrock craft for kids
Image via Capturing Parenthood

Stacey of Capturing Parenthood used black sandpaper to create a textured look on this sidewalk chalk shamrock. Just trace a shamrock or four-leaf clover and use fingers to create a smudged “glowing” look.

14. St. Patrick’s Day slime

Image via Design Dazzle

Gather the kids and make a batch of this St. Patrick’s Day slime from Design Dazzle. It’s easier than it looks. And it’s full of glitter and gold and a hit for kids of most ages.