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Personal Assistant Duties: What Can a Personal Assistant Do for You?

Need help managing things at home or at work? A personal assistant could be just the ticket. Here's everything you should know.

Personal Assistant Duties: What Can a Personal Assistant Do for You?

If you run a business, manage the needs of your large family, or just have too much to do in a day, you’ve probably daydreamed about hiring a personal assistant. However, many people assume that a personal assistant is out of reach for them financially, or they aren’t sure if a personal assistant’s duties will fit their needs.

But, the good news is that personal assistants are more accessible than you’d think! You can hire personal assistants for consistent help, or to take care of any “odd jobs” and errands that you just don’t have the time or energy to do. Personal assistant duties vary based on individual needs, and can be customized to fit your lifestyle, business, or family.

Here’s what you need to know before you begin your personal assistant search.

What Is a Personal Assistant?

A personal assistant is someone who directly helps a person manage their daily tasks, whether professional or personal — or both. Sometimes, a personal assistant works with a professional, such as a business owner or executive, to handle everyday business tasks. This might include answering phones, sending emails, or scheduling appointments.

Other personal assistants may work with entrepreneurs, small business owners, or even busy families to support their personal lives and basic day-to-day operations. Their personal assistant duties might include picking up dry cleaning, managing the family calendar, or even doing the grocery shopping or meal prep.

Personal assistant duties vary because each employer is different, which means that a personal assistant must be flexible and enjoy learning new things. A personal assistant is also highly-trustworthy, since they often have access to financial and personal information, as well as to children, pets, and households.

Some Examples of Personal Assistant Duties

Because each personal assistant is different, you will need to search for one who provides the services you need. Different personal assistant duties might include:

  • Running errands (e.g. groceries, dry cleaning, etc.)
  • Shopping (e.g. clothes, gifts, etc.)
  • Scheduling (e.g. appointments, family events, etc.)
  • Research
  • Phone support
  • Transportation
  • Emails and correspondence
  • Travel itinerary help (e.g. work trips or vacations)
  • Household management (e.g. scheduling cleaners, managing family calendars, etc.)

The number of duties a personal assistant can take on is too extensive to list, but it’s important to remember that they will differ depending on the skillset and background of each candidate. For example, not every personal assistant is willing to clean out a basement or take your kids to school. One personal assistant may provide help with grocery shopping and cooking, while another will be better-suited to help with business tasks.

Since a personal assistant’s duties are based on the needs of the person they’re hired to help, you get to decide which duties are most important to you.

Hiring a Personal Assistant

Are you ready to hire a personal assistant? Before you start looking, it’s important to decide what sort of services you need this person to provide.

For example, do you need help managing your work and family calendar? Do you want someone to take care of everyday business tasks? Do you want help with meal planning? Are you hoping to find someone who can walk the dog or take your kid to soccer practice?

Make sure you identify — ahead of time — exactly what it is that you’ll need from a personal assistant and then start searching for one in your area. You can also post a job and list the specific duties and traits you’re hoping to find in a personal assistant. That way, the qualified candidates will come to you!