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19 Halloween party food ideas for kids

Need inspiration for Halloween party food for kids? These festive Halloween food ideas — from appetizers to desserts — will get kids and adults alike into the spooktacular spirit.

19 Halloween party food ideas for kids

From decorations to invitations, there’s a lot of planning that goes into a Halloween party for kids. Hands down, though, one of the hardest parts is figuring out what fun and festive Halloween foods to serve. But it doesn’t have to be.

“For kids’ parties, finger foods are best, and having a good balance of sweet treats and healthy snacks is a good way to keep kids from overdosing on junk food,” says Lilli Haskell, mom of two and a professional baker from Winston Salem, North Carolina. “Pretty much any food can be made over to fit the Halloween theme and give it a spooky vibe, like pigs in a blanket that look like mummies and mini bagel pizzas decorated with string cheese in the shape of spiderwebs.”

To get you into the spooktacular spirit, here are 19 easy Halloween party food ideas that both kids and adults will love to eat at your October festivities, big or small.

1. Frankenstein macarons

Frankenstein macarons for Halloween
Image via Happiness is Homemade

Eek! Talk about hair-raisingly cute! These adorable Frankenstein macarons from Happiness is Homemade are guaranteed to be the hit of any kids Halloween party — and they’re pretty simple to put together to boot.

2. Pumpkin veggie tray

Pumpkin veggie tray for Halloween
Image via Kitchen Counter Chronicle

With all the candy on Halloween, it’s a good idea to sneak some veggies in when you can — and few Halloween party foods are easier than this pumpkin veggie tray from Kitchen Counter Chronicle.

3. Halloween punch

Halloween punch

Halloween food ideas can also include fun festive drinks. Make your drinks part of the theme by whipping up some Halloween punch. Use your favorite berry punch recipe and add some festive touches to the bowl like gummy worms and eyeballs. Other spooky ideas include fog or bug ice cubes.

4. Devilish eggs

Devilish eggs for Halloween

Bite-sized Halloween treats allow guests — especially kids — to enjoy more than one without getting full. Try these devilish eggs.

5. Spider bread dip bowl

Spider bread dip bowl
Image via It’s Always Autumn

Looking for another freaky Halloween appetizer idea? Bake up this spider-shaped dip bowl from It’s Always Autumn and fill it with spinach dip or another favorite.

6. Halloween charcuterie board

Halloween charcuterie board
Image via Pretty Providence

This super-simple Halloween charcuterie board idea from Pretty Providence is genius! They used a skull-shaped cake pan, filled with popcorn, as the foundation for their snack artistry, but the options are as endless as the Halloween cake molds and fun snacks you find and pull together.

7. Tiny “pumpkins

Tiny "pumpkins" food idea for Halloween

These tiny “pumpkins” have to be the easiest treat to pull off for your Halloween spread. Just peel a dozen or so tangerines and drop in a celery slice for the “stems.” Not only are these simple to make, but they add some healthful balance to the table.

8. Sausage mummies

Sausage mummies for Halloween

Delight all your party guests with a plate of these sausage mummies.

9. Mini spider “pies

Mini spider pies for Halloween

Of course, Halloween is a candy holiday, but if you’re hosting a party in the afternoon or evening, it’s a good idea to serve a snack that can double as a meal, so kids don’t get tired or cranky from a lack of food. These mini spider pizza pies make for a festive twist on the classic.

10. Eyeball meatballs

Eyeball meatballs for Halloween

The pasta and meatballs in this spooky eyeballs dish provide sustenance while the decorations make it a thrill for kids who are anxious to hit the candy trail.

11. Apple monsters

Apple monsters food idea for Halloween

How cute are these apple monster treats? And they’re delicious, too.

12. Pumpkin soup

Pumpkin soup for Halloween

If Halloween night is chilly, a simple pumpkin soup makes a great warm-food addition to the menu. Serve it up in a pumpkin shell and spoon it into paper cups for the kids to enjoy.

13. Candy buffet

Candy buffet for Halloween

When the weather is unseasonably warm, move the party to your backyard or porch and create holiday-themed drinks and a candy buffet bar for the kids.

14. Candied apples

Candied apples

Whether you candy them or swirl them in chocolate or caramel, candied apples are a Halloween staple. Add some candy sprinkles to make them even more colorful and festive.

15. Ghost brownies

Ghost brownies for Halloween

These ooey-gooey ghost brownies make a wonderful addition to the Halloween treat table. They’re easy to make too!

16. Jack o’ lantern peppers

Jack o' lantern peppers

Sneak some vegetables into the festivities by carving bell peppers into small jack o’ lanterns and filling them with veggie sticks. Serve them with a delicious dip on the side.

17. Ghost meringue cookies

Ghost meringue cookies

Buy or make homemade meringue cookies and then use melted chocolate to give them faces. And now you have some boo-tiful little ghost cookies that the kids will love.

18. Pumpkin parfaits

Pumpkin parfaits for Halloween

Feeling fancy this year? Make Greek yogurt pumpkin parfaits and serve them in glasses (real or plastic) or mason jars.

19. Mandarin jack o’ lantern party favors

Mandarin jack o' lantern party favors

Set up a table and have kids create their own boo-faced mandarins, and they can double as perfect take-home favors.

A note on allergies: If you know that one of your child’s friends has a food allergy or any other diet-related need, incorporate options with them in mind. You want them to be able to partake in the fun, too.