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23 funny Easter memes to make you happy

Need funny Easter memes more than a chocolate bunny? We can help with that.

23 funny Easter memes to make you happy

Whether you celebrate the holiday or not, funny Easter memes are still good for eliciting a laugh. Peeps. All the sugary treats. A giant bunny who delivers colored eggs in the middle of the night — come on, Easter memes pretty much write themselves.

From clever chocolate Easter bunny memes that will literally never not be funny to snarky, wise-cracking (heh) eggs, here are 23 funny Easter memes guaranteed to make you smile.

1. There’s candy — and then there’s more candy

Image via Very Funny Pics

2. It’s a sad day when this happens

3. When YOLO doesn’t apply

Image via Quick Meme

4. So, that’s where the Easter Bunny came from

5. When Sigmund met E.B.

6. Kids, your parents won’t forget this

Image via Some e-cards

7. How Easter was meant to be celebrated

Image via Avocado Mama 1/Instagram

8. Run, chocolate bunnies, run

Image via Zazzle

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9. Some eggs just don’t know how to blend in

Image source unknown

10. Is this the greatest Easter pun of all time?

Image source unknown

11. Peeps: Adorable and great Easter meme material

Image via Sharecopia

12. When being an adult at Easter isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

Image via The Tooth Booth/Instagram

13. When chocolate bunnies go to therapy

Image source unknown

14. Just one bunny looking out for another

Image via Ball Memes

15. So THAT’S how he got his name

Image via Things in Squares

16. Is this what they do when they’re not delivering jelly beans

Image via IMG Flip

17. This bunny doesn’t look like he’s lying

Image via Imgur

18. The Easter bunny after dark…

Image via Pillow Skyscraper/Imgur

19. Funny, but also … the cutest Easter meme you’ve ever seen!!!

Image via Memes Monkey

20. The type of bunny nobunny wants to meet

Image via Memes Monkey

21. Easter during the pandemic

22. Talk about a catty egg

Image via Zazzle

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23. Wait… why isn’t the Easter Bunny here yet?

Image via IMG Flip