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10 educational TikTok accounts perfect for watching with kids

On the hunt for legitimately good kids' content? These educational TikTok accounts will entertain and spark curiosity in little ones.

When you think of family-friendly apps, TikTok may not be the first one that comes to mind. The video app is popular among teens and influencers, but it actually has a surprising amount of entertaining educational content that can be fun for all ages. 

In the past few years, TikTok has made a push to increase educational videos on the app. In 2020, it launched the hashtag #LearnOnTikTok, which has over 460 billion views and pulls up thousands of fascinating accounts. While scrolling through the app, you might see teachers sharing entertaining mini lessons, zoologists teaching followers about different animals and people with unique or interesting careers demonstrating how they do their jobs.

Educational TikTok content is a great way to entertain kids and spark their curiosity and love of learning. Here are 10 awesome educational TikTok accounts for kids and parents or caregivers to enjoy together during screen time

1. Mrs. Luke’s Lab

Handle: @MrsLukesLab

Location: Durham, North Carolina

Number of followers on TikTok: 951.7K

This elementary school science teacher posts fun and easy science experiment how-to videos for kids and parents, explains simple science concepts and even participates in viral TikTok dance challenges with some of her students and fellow teachers. It’s no wonder why she describes herself in her TikTok bio as “a real life Mrs. Frizzle.”

2. Monarch Momma

Handle: @Monarch.Mama

Location: Michigan

Number of followers on TikTok: 70K

This account is all about raising monarch caterpillars and helping them transform into beautiful butterflies. Monarch Mama shares tips for finding monarch eggs, feeding and caring for caterpillars and helping the monarch species survive and thrive. You can watch to learn how to raise your own monarchs or just follow along as she shows you every step of the awe-inspiring process.

3. Kyne the “Math Queen”


Math trick: reversing percentages! @photomath #math #mathtrick #mathhack

♬ original sound – Kyne

Handle: @onlinekyne

Location: Ontario, Canada

Number of followers on TikTok: 1.4M

Math has never been so stylish and fun. Kyne has a degree in mathematics and previously appeared on “Canada’s Drag Race.” She posts short math videos where she gives lessons on the history of math, solves riddles and teaches followers important math concepts, all while dressed in fabulous, high-glamour fashion. Kyne covers intermediate and higher-level math, like algebra, so this account may be most helpful to kids in middle school or high school. 

4. The Black Food Scientist

Handle: @theblackfoodscientist

Location: Chicago

Number of followers on TikTok: 83.8K

Have you ever wondered why bananas turn brown or how you can make easy DIY ice cream without an ice cream maker? Food scientist Brittany Towers is here to explain it all. Each video promises a fun food science lesson in 60 seconds, and she delivers by answering all of your most random and burning questions about how food grows and decays, the science of flavors and exciting kitchen chemistry. 

5. Bird of the Week

Handle: @birdoftheweek

Location: Portland, Oregon

Number of followers on TikTok: 222.9K

Using this educational TikTok account, a third grade teacher named Tom teaches followers about a different and fascinating new bird each week. Each video features photos and footage of a different bird, along with facts about their habitats, characteristics and what makes them unique. It’s a great way to get kids interested in the wildlife where you live and help them learn more about birds all over the world.

6. Alyssa Carson, space and science


Check it out at flvpblastoff.com

♬ original sound – Alyssa Carson

Handle: @NasaBlueberry1

Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Number of followers on TikTok: 140.3K

Explore space with Alyssa Carson, a scientist and aspiring astronaut who’s best known for being the first person to attend all three of NASA’s international space camps. On TikTok, Carson teaches followers about the history of space exploration, offers how-to videos for fun family science experiments and talks about different ways to pursue your interests in space and technology. 

7. Texas Bee Works

Handle: @TexasBeeWorks

Location: Austin, Texas

Number of followers on TikTok: 11.3 million

Erika Thompson is a professional beekeeper who will teach your family all about the important role bees play in our world. She posts videos explaining interesting and unique facts about bees and their hives. She’s also gone viral several times for her fascinating videos about rescuing bee colonies all over her home state of Texas. Bee handling should always be left to the professionals, but Thompson will inspire your kids to get interested in nature and develop a new appreciation for these buzzy little insects.

8. Mrs. B TV


So aggressive at the end 😂😅 a little egg-speriment just in time for Easter! #didyouknow #learnontiktok #science

♬ Cooking – Oleg Kirilkov

Handle: @mrs.b.tv

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Number of followers on TikTok: 3.1 million

Mrs. B, whose real name is Nancy Bullard, is a teacher on a mission to spread her love of science via educational TikTok. Each of her videos features instructions for a kid-friendly science experiment or an engaging mini lesson on science topics like the human body, properties of matter and even the chemistry of candy. Sometimes Mrs. B gives anatomy lessons using preserved organs like the brain or lungs, so parental discretion is advised for sensitive younger viewers.

9. Minute Earth

Handle: @minuteearth

Location: Various U.S. locations

Number of followers on TikTok: 1.2 million

Minute Earth began as a YouTube channel and has now made its way to educational TikTok. The 60-second videos are created by a team of writers and researchers devoted to answering all of your most random questions about science, history and the world around you, like what causes freezer burn or how seashells form. They also use engaging illustrations and easy explanations to keep kids interested. 

10. Prehistoric Pets

Handle: @jayprehistoricpets

Location: Fountain Valley, California

Number of followers on TikTok: 20.1 million

Jay Brewer is the founder of The Reptile Zoo in Fountain Valley, California, and he’s bringing reptile education to TikTok as well with daily posts featuring amazing exotic animals. Here, kids can watch snakes and turtles hatch from eggs, see new species of lizards and other reptiles they’ve never seen before and learn about the importance of protecting wildlife and their habitats. 

A note on keeping kids safe on TikTok

TikTok has millions of users who post everything from viral dance videos to political rants, pranks and edgy comedy skits. Not all of it will be appropriate for kids. If you’ve never used the app before, be aware that videos autoplay, and the “for you” section, which acts as the app’s homepage, shows content from creators chosen at random.

TikTok offers a limited version of the app for kids under 13 that restricts mature content. Otherwise, the best way to keep TikTok viewing safe is by downloading the app on password-protected devices so kids can only use it with adult supervision. To childproof your TikTok account for safer viewing, you can set the app to restricted mode and use the “following” tab to only see content from trusted users you follow. If you have a teen with their own account, take advantage of Family Pairing, a built-in feature that allows you to manage teens’ privacy and safety settings.