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22 easy Easter crafts for kids

Looking for a few Easter crafts for kids to brighten up your home? These cute DIY projects for little ones hit the mark.

22 easy Easter crafts for kids

Easter Sunday will be here before you know it — so it’s time to start planning for the holiday, the arrival of the Easter Bunny and the kickoff to the season of spring.

We gathered our favorite Easter crafts for kids that are sure to brighten up your home! Check out these 22 egg-cellent ideas to get kids of all ages in the spring spirit.

1. Painted Easter egg rocks

easter crafts for kids
Image via Projects With Kids

These painted Easter egg rocks from Projects With Kids are about as easy — and affordable — as it gets. A sweet spin on the classic dyed egg, kids will get a kick out of finding rocks in the garden and then painting them. And no pressure to eat them before they go bad!

2. Hatching Easter chick

easter crafts for kids
Image via Kids Craft Room

Looking for kids Easter crafts that are basically mess-free? There’s a craft for that. This cute hatching chicks craft from Kids Craft Room is perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners while being seriously low on mess. Also, nothing quite says spring like adorable little chicks, right?

3. Pressed flower Easter eggs

easter crafts for kids
Image via littlepinelearners/Instagram

These pressed flower Easter eggs from Little Pine Learners look lovely pre-colored or natural white. Simply press small flowers between pieces of wax paper inside a book, and paste them onto the eggs with some Mod Podge.

4. Felt bunny bags

easter crafts for kids
Image via gluesticksblog/Instagram

Brandy Nelson of Gluesticks offers these felt bunny bags as a great first sewing project for kids. Follow her sewing tutorial and then stuff them full of Easter treats and tie them up with a clear hair tie.

5. Easter egg collages

easter crafts for kids
Image via jaimepederson/Instagram

You don’t even need to boil eggs for this craft idea from Jaime Pederson. These paper Easter egg collages start with some simple watercolor painting fun. Once they dry, let the kids embellish them with sequins, pompoms, pipe cleaners, faux flowers and whatever else strikes their fancy. Talk about an easy Easter crafts for kids.

6. Spring cactus

easter crafts for kids
Image Cami Renee Jones

Who doesn’t love an adorable succulent in the spring? For this spring cactus craft, blogger Cami Jones painted wooden eggs to look like cacti, topped them with pink pompoms and glued them into tiny terra cotta pots. Surround them with some green moss for the perfect Easter decoration.

7. Paper plate Easter baskets

easter crafts for kids
Image via simplyciani/Instagram

In this fun and simple craft, Jennifer at Simply Ciani turns a few simple supplies into these adorable paper plate Easter baskets. Kids will love decorating their own.

8. Easter bunny stamps

easter crafts for kids
Image via the_growing_strawberry/Instagram

Kids can easily make these Easter bunny stamps from The Growing Strawberry  by cutting a paper towel roll into three pieces and shaping and glueing them into this bunny shape. Dip in paint and press down on paper to stamp. Once they dry, draw on cute bunny faces.

9. Egg mosaic

easter crafts for kids
Image via therealmamasofinsta/Instagram

This egg mosaic craft from the realmamasofinsta is a perfect project for toddlers and preschoolers. Adults simply cut out eggs and different shapes of colored paper. Then, let little ones glue them on in their own favorite patterns.

10. Easter egg scissor skills

easter crafts for kids
Image via littleoneslearn/Instagram

This Easter egg scissor skills activity from Little Ones Learn is perfect for preschoolers learning or practicing their scissor skills. An adult can trace where the child should cut on each egg and let them hone their technique.

11. Spring sheep

easter crafts for kids
Image via love_learning_love_nature/Instagram

With some cardboard, colorful string or yarn, and a marker, kids can create these adorably woolly spring sheep from Love Learning Love Nature.

12. Bunny treat cups

easter crafts for kids
Image via wonderandwildclub/Instagram

To make these bunny treat cups from wonderandwildclub, just cut out bunny ears from some colorful cardstock and glue to the inside of paper cups. Let your kids decorate the cups with bunny faces and stickers.

13. Peeps bird house

easter crafts for kids
Image via Somewhat Simple

This Peeps bird house from Somewhat Simple is fully edible. Take some classic yellow Peeps and make a home for them inside graham crackers, held together with white frosting. You can even eat the grass nest, which tastes like green apple.

14. Pinch pot nests

easter crafts for kids
Image via anywherethatiswild/Instagram

How clever are these pinch pot nests from Anywhere That Is Wild?! Not only will they look super cute (and on-trend) on your mantle or shelf, they’re a great way to learn about birds and nature.

15. Cardboard tube chicks

easter crafts for kids
Image via Wonder and Wild Club

One of the cutest, simplest Easter crafts for kids! These sweet cardboard tube chicks from Wonder and Wild Club require only a few materials, yet they yield bright, happy results.

16. Easter tree

easter crafts for kids
Image via heart_artlife/Instagram

Create a new tradition with this Easter tree idea from Heart Artlife. Collect some sturdy branches, add colorful pompom “eggs” and then, each year, add a new handmade paper decoration.

17. Craft stick bunnies

easter crafts for kids
Image via Crafts by Amanda

One of the easiest Easter crafts for kids on the younger side, these craft stick bunnies from Crafts by Amanda can be as parred down or elaborate as you’d like. And they’re super adorable!

18. Tulip banner

easter crafts for kids
Image via The Bleu Bungalow/Instagram

This tulip banner from thebleubungalow makes a wonderful springtime craft and decoration. Choose as many colors of construction paper as you’d like to cut out and hole-punch tulips to string. If you’re a Cricut user, you can purchase the tulip banner SVG cut file.

19. Carrot footprints

easter crafts for kids
Image via organized_chaos_cordinator/Instagram

These carrot footprint keepsakes from Organized Chaos Cordinator really don’t take much: orange paint, white paper and green foam or felt. And, of course, your favorite little feet!

20. Recycled Easter egg garland

easter crafts for kids
Image via captainbobcatblog/Instagram

Loving this wonderful recycled Easter egg garland from captainbobcatblog. All you need is old newspaper (or junk mail), string and the kids favorite coloring tools.

21. Marbled Easter eggs

easter crafts for kids
Image via lanternlanedesigns/Instagram

This marbled Easter egg craft from Lantern Lane Designs is cool but might get messy. Set kids up outside and supervise closely. In a tub or container of water, add a few drops of your favorite color(s) of nail polish. Then use a skewer to dip plain plastic eggs and swirl them around in the colors. The end result is a perfectly marbled Easter egg!

22. Easter egg flower art

easter crafts for kids
Image via Hello, Wonderful

Hello, Wonderful offers a free printable template to create this Easter egg flower art project. Just add beautiful flowers and foliage. Kids can go on a fun nature walk, picking up their favorite flora to glue to their own egg.