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26 cute toddler haircuts

Looking for a cute toddler haircut to take your little one's adorableness to the next level (if that's possible)? Check out these cool haircut ideas for toddlers.

26 cute toddler haircuts

Let’s be honest here. Toddlers really don’t need anything extra to be positively adorable — it’s just their natural state. But even with their built-in delightfulness and charm, there’s no denying the fact that cute toddler haircuts take things to the next level. From toddler boy haircuts to toddler fades to mini faux hawks, here are 26 of the best kids’ haircuts and toddler haircut styles that will make your little one even more irresistible — if that’s possible, of course. 

1. The spiky mohawk

Cutest toddler haircuts
Image via Gabriella Perrier/Instagram

Fact: Little kids with mini mohawk haircuts are so stinkin’ cute it’s unreal — not to mention the fact that they look so dang cool. Love this spiky rendition from Gabriella Perrier.

2. The indie

Cutest toddler haircuts

Is it just us or does this small and adorable toddler look like he could be a member of The Strokes? So indie!

3. Shaved underneath


Talk about cool! Ever considered shaving just the underneath of your toddler’s hair like delspell on TikTok? Not only is it super hip, it makes for less knots!

4. Wavy side bangs

Cutest toddler haircuts

Pizzazz can be easily added to your little one’s hair with side-swept bangs. This style works best for kids with wavy-ish hair, as their bangs won’t totally lie flat.

5. Blunt bangs

Image via Nicole Fabian-Weber

For kiddos with straight hair, blunt bangs are a cute option — and they’re especially great for toddlers who refuse to keep clips or rubber bands in their hair so they can, you know, see.  

6. The messy shag

Image via Nicole Fabian-Weber

Whether your kid’s got straight, wavy or curly hair, a shag-type ‘do is always a cute choice. And it fits every toddler’s personality — wild!

7. The shaved side sweep

Image via Life as KMG/Instagram

Looking for a seriously cute toddler boy haircut? Look no further than this sweet ‘do, courtesy of Kristina from Life as KMG.

8. The wolf cut

Kids will love that this toddler haircut keeps their locks out of their face. Parents will love that the wolf cut makes their littles look ridiculously adorable.

9. The long side sweep

Image via Teri Rose

Baby Brad Pitt, is that you? This toddler haircut, courtesy of Teri Rose, is great for when you want your little one to look a little more put together, but can’t bear to part completely with their tresses.

10. The toddler fade

Image via G Law/Instagram

That awkward moment when your toddler has a cooler haircut that you. We can’t get over the adorableness of this toddler fade (compliments of Faded by Hugg) that was shared by G Law on Instagram. Looking good!

11. The mermaid

Image via Mary Ragazzo

You can never go wrong with a long and wavy haircut for your little one. Not only is it super cute, it lends itself to so many fun toddler hairstyles!

12. The lightning bolt

Image via Justine Fruzetti

When your toddler is too cool for school they need a haircut to match. May we suggest shaving a lightning bolt into your little one’s hair for a super fresh look? Look out, Mom and Dad!

13. The classic mohawk

Image via Brayden Cruz

It stands the test of time for a reason — the toddler mohawk, like this sweet one from Brayden Cruz, is one of the coolest haircuts out there. Also, for parents who like their little one to look a little polished, this mohawk is a bit more controlled than the spiky mohawk.

14. The bob

Image via Kristen Mosier

Another look that never goes out of style. The toddler bob haircut — iconic! 

15. The pixie 

Image via Michele Lee

When your toddler is on the younger side, but you want to give them a little bit of a style with their hair, the toddler pixie cut is always a good — adorable! — idea. 

16. The mullet

Yes, mullets are in (especially for kids with wavy hair). And just because your little one doesn’t yet know how to use the bathroom on their own yet, doesn’t mean they can’t get in on the trend, too.

17. The side hawk

Image via Ali Moore/Instagram

While slightly different from the classic toddler mohawk, the side mohawk, like this one from Ali Moore, is neck-and-neck for cuteness.

18. Controlled chaos 

Image via Jaclyn Santos

There aren’t too many people that can get away with having hair that’s this perfectly messy when they’re grown, but toddlers seriously nail it. 

19. The burst mohawk

So many mohawks! If you can handle having your kid looking cooler (and sweeter) than anyone you know, the burst mohawk is a good choice. 

20. The textured fade

The textured fade is great for toddlers with thick or wavy hair — and it’s perfect because it looks even better when it’s messy (a style toddlers do best!).

21. The curly mop

As far as curly hair toddler haircuts go, it’s hard to top the curly mop — a total classic!

22. The all natural

One of the best toddler haircuts out there? No haircut! Going all natural will show off your little one’s beautiful hair and sweet face. 

23. The skater shag

Just because your toddler isn’t old enough to skateboard yet, doesn’t mean they can’t rock the skater shag haircut!

24. The edgy bob

A little funkier than the classic toddler bob haircut, the edgy bob is great for kids who don’t want to go too short with their cut.

25. The old fashioned

Image via Lisa Roche

Toddlers with anything grown up-looking — especially haircuts — are always guaranteed adorableness.

26. The bowl

A little bit hipster, a little bit 70s chic, the bowl is one seriously stylish toddler haircut.