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9 Books on Down Syndrome for Kids

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9 Books on Down Syndrome for Kids

I think it’s really hard to talk about and explain down syndrome sometimes, and books can be really good tools in helping your child’s peers, as well as family and friends better understand down syndrome. If you want to educate your child’s school, bringing in some of these books can also be really great for teaching.

This is a great beginner book on introducing children to Down Syndrome and genetics. I love the approach this book has.

My sister, Alicia May

What I like about this story is that it’s about a set of sisters, and the sister faces up and downs with her sister who has Down Syndrome. It’s an honest and helpful book.

In my world: Down Syndrome

This is a great book that helps people really understand what it’s like to have Down Syndrome and what it’s like for a family. A good read for families and schools.

Why are you looking at me?

It’s often hard for children to understandwhat it feels like to have Down Syndrome, and it’s hard for children to understand that Down Syndrome children are just children, they can be like anyone else. This book helps kids understand this.

Taking down syndrome to school

I think this is a good book to read aloud to children to help them understand why a child with Down Syndrome may feel different and how children can sympathize with them.

We’ll paint the octopus red

This is a great book for kindergarten to 3rd graders that talks about a young girl who finds out her baby brother has Down Syndrome.

My friend has down syndrome

This is a great book for pre-school and elementary school aged children in helping them understand feelings, thoughts and ideas surrounding Down Syndrome.

Whoever you are

While this book isn’t specifically about Down Syndrome, I think it’s a good companion to any of the books above in helping children understand that everyone has differences and we all have similarities too. A great book about acceptance.

A rainbow of friends

This is another book that isn’t specifically about Down Syndrome but is about general acceptance and understanding for children that can really help kids come together no matter what differences there are.