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27 creative coffee filter crafts

Looking for easy DIY projects for kids? Try making a few of these creative crafts with coffee filters and a few other simple supplies.

27 creative coffee filter crafts

Don’t make a special trip to the craft supply store when kids want to create something. Try making a few of these amazing crafts with coffee filters and a few other simple supplies:

1. Bat

Make spooky bat coffee filter craft, courtesy of Darcy & Brian.

2. Peacock

Construct an ornate coffee filter peacock from Glued to My Crafts, using markers to decorate the tail “feathers.”

3. Butterfly

Coffee filter art projects for kids

For insect lovers, make a colorful coffee filter butterfly, inspired by Imperfect Homemaker. A decorated coffee filter becomes the butterfly’s pretty wings.

4. Sunflower

Make beautiful coffee filter sunflowers like the ones found on The Imagination Tree. Who knew coffee filter crafts could look so sunny!

5. Pumpkin

The Happier Homemaker blog uses multiple filters to create a beautiful three-dimensional coffee filter pumpkin.

6. Hot air balloon

For hot days of summer, Inner Child Fun shares these hot air balloons from coffee filters that you can hang up in your windows.

7. Solar system

Kiddos can learn about all the planets and create an entire coffee filter solar system with this cool idea from Fun-A-Day.

8. Flowers

Make these coffee filter flowers
Image via Design Dazzle

Create your own homemade flowers that are pretty enough to display all over your house with The Altered Past’s vibrant coffee filter blooms.

9. Snowman

During the cold winter months, try making the Cherished Bliss version of a coffee filter snowman.

10. Pom-poms

Before the next sporting event, help the kiddos make a few coffee filter pom-poms, courtesy of The Suburban Mom, that they can use for cheering. Experiment with different hues to match the home team’s colors.

11. Monster

For little ones who love scary creatures, try this version of coffee filter monsters from One Little Project. Just add googly eyes and extra arms!

12. Jellyfish

Life With Moore Babies can show you how to use coffee filters to create flowing, colorful jellyfish.

13. Roses

These coffee filter roses are a fun DIY craft
Image via Kids Activities Blog

These roses made from coffee filters are so realistic. Take a tip from Kids Activities Blog and roll coffee filters to create watercolor rose petals.

14. Snowflakes

For winter lovers or folks who live where it doesn’t snow, It Works for Bobbi has the crafty answer with these coffee filter snowflakes.

15. Color experiment

Combine art with learning and try this coffee filter color experiment from Make and Takes.

16. Fish

Instead of dealing with the work of a real aquarium, try making few of these coffee filter fish from Our Kid Things instead. Easy maintenance!

17. Banner

The Handmade Home used watercolors to make this gorgeous coffee filter banner. The perfect decoration for your next party.

18. Floral bouquet

Kids will love making these coffee filter crafts
Image via Asia Citro

A fun DIY project that doubles as a gift for a teacher, nanny, babysitter or parent — this coffee filter floral bouquet from Fun at Home With Kids will last longer than the real thing.

19. Turkey

Kids will love creating coffee filter turkeys, just like the ones on A Faithful Attempt.

20. Leaves

Transform coffee filters into beautiful fall leaves by following these steps from Having Fun at Home. Kids will love using their watercolors to make them oh so lovely.

21. Shamrocks

Give children the luck of the Irish with these coffee filter shamrocks from We Know Stuff. Green dyed filters become the shamrock’s leaves.

22. Parachute

Entertain little ones for hours with this coffee filter parachute toy. Find directions on STLMotherhood.

23. Dancers

Kids who love dancing or taking in a little dance theater will love making these coffee filter dancers from One Little Project.

24. Paintbrushes

Stop wasting time cleaning brushes at the end of craft time. The Realistic Mama shares how to make these functional coffee filter paintbrushes, which can be tossed after a day of making art.

25. Folding fan

Use a coffee filter to create a functional and decorative folding fan, courtesy of De Tout Et De Rein.

26. Wreath

No matter the holiday or occasion, Happy Hooligans can show you how to turn coffee filters into a decorative seasonal wreath.

27. Poppies

These coffee filter poppies are fun to make
Image via Reality Daydream

These lovely coffee filter poppies from Reality Daydream are so eye-catching!