17 Thanksgiving dessert ideas

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17 Thanksgiving dessert ideas everyone will love

17 Thanksgiving dessert ideas everyone will love

Turkey. Stuffing. Football. There are a few things that get all the Thanksgiving glory, year after year. But the truth is, no Turkey Day would be complete without a selection of post-feast desserts. (If Thanksgiving doesn’t end in a sugary stupor, did it even happen?)

Looking for Thanksgiving dessert recipes to bring to share? Or on the hunt for an easy Thanksgiving dessert to balance out the work of the big meal? We got you. Here are 17 seriously delicious Thanksgiving dessert recipes (that aren’t all that hard to make!)

1. Applesauce and yogurt parfaits

Image via Celebrating Sweets

What’s better than a few desserts spread out on the table? Individual desserts for all! These homemade applesauce and yogurt parfaits from Celebrating Sweets are a perfect seasonal end to any Thanksgiving feast. (And we won’t tell anyone if you use store-bought applesauce!)

2. Rose apple tarts

Image via Salima’s Kitchen

How cute — and impressive — are these mini rose apple tarts from Salima’s Kitchen? And the best part? They’re gluten-free, so everyone can enjoy. 

3. Brown butter apple blondies

Image via Sally’s Baking Addiction

If these brown butter apple blondies from Sally’s Baking Addiction don’t have everyone’s mouths watering, it’s safe to say nothing will. Yum!

4. Classic apple crisp

Image via Iowa Girl Eats

If you’re looking for a dessert that everyone can dig into — especially with a scoop (or two!) of ice cream — look no further than this classic apple crisp from Iowa Girl Eats. And if you can believe it, it’s gluten- and dairy-free!

5. Pumpkin pie parfaits

Image via Ideas for the Home by Kenarry

Another individual Thanksgiving dessert that’s sure to leave everyone with a lasting memory? The pumpkin pie parfaits from Ideas for the Home by Kenarry.

6. Turtle pumpkin ice cream cake

Image via A Spicy Perspective

Looking for a Thanksgiving dessert that’s sure to wow but isn’t too labor-intensive? Believe it or not, the turtle pumpkin ice cream cake from A Spicy Perspective is super easy to make. And — need we even tell you? — it’s a show-stopper!

7. Cinnamon maple leaf cookies

Image via Sugar Spun Run

Sugar. Cinnamon. Maple syrup! Really, there’s everything to like about the cinnamon maple leaf cookies from Sugar Spun Run. They even make for festive table decorations!

8. Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

Image via Lolo’s Desserts

Looking for a go-to Thanksgiving dessert? You know, one you make once and then everyone asks you to make it every year thereafter? Look no further than the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies from Lolo’s Desserts

9. Hazelnut and fudge pie

Image via Cooker Lady Debbie

Hazelnuts and fudge. Need we say more? Count us in on this super decadent hazelnut and fudge pie from Cooker Lady Debbie

10. Pear upside down cake

Image via Pepper Delight

If you want to serve something a little outside the box this Thanksgiving, give the pear upside down cake from Pepper Delight a try. Don’t get us wrong, we love an apple pie, but sometimes you just need to mix it up.

11. Pumpkin bars

Image via Fork in the Kitchen

A dessert that’s guaranteed to leave people asking for seconds? The pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting from Fork in the Kitchen. Don’t forget the sprinkle of cinnamon!

12. Mini pumpkin pies

Image via Carefree Mermaid

Name a more iconic duo than Thanksgiving and pumpkin pie. We’ll wait. Now name a dessert more adorable than the mini pumpkin pies from Carefree Mermaid. Still waiting. 

13. Mini cinnamon apple loaves (with caramel drizzle!)

Image via Wellness by Kay

What takes these mini cinnamon apple loaves from Wellness by Kay to the next level? The caramel drizzle, of course. Count us in!

14. Apple crumble bars

Image via Hey Nutrition Lady

Not only are the apple crumble bars from Hey Nutrition Lady delicious and pretty, they have whole grain oats and homemade apple butter in them. Soooo, no one will fault you for eating them for breakfast the next morning, right?

15. Grilled apples with strained yogurt and honey

Image via 200 Is Plenty Sweet

If you want to stay seasonal but go a little outside the box, these grilled apples with strained yogurt and honey from 200 Is Plenty Sweet are a good place to start. And talk about an impressive presentation!

16. Apple pie bread

Image via Figgin Delicious

The best part about the apple pie bread from Figgin Delicious (besides, you know, that it’s apple pie bread)? The fact that it’s way easier to make than traditional apple pie. Win-win!

17. Pecan tart

Image via Ashlee Marie

We’re just going to go ahead and call it right now: You’re hard-pressed to find a Thanksgiving dessert more scrumptious than the pecan tart from Ashlee Marie. You’re welcome.

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