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101 Unique Birthday Party Themes for Kids

Tired of using a canned birthday party theme for your child? This year, try one of these birthday party themes that she will never forget!

Feeling lost when trying to plan your child’s birthday party? You’re definitely not alone! Although you might find a few moms in the bunch who seem to have a knack for party planning, most end up needing a little help. Party planners Penny Warner of Danville, California, and Deborah Stumm of San Diego suggest that having a creative theme for a birthday party can really make it a success.

Give your kiddo the best birthday ever by trying out one of these amazing birthday party themes:

  1. Spa-day with facials and mud masks.
  2. Pirate party with costumes, eye patches and treasure hunts.
  3. Royal princess ball with fairy tale crafts, glittery cupcakes and princess gowns.
  4. Camping birthday complete with tents, a “campfire” and s’mores.
  5. Nature hike/adventure with a woodland hike and geocaching.
  6. Painting party complete with mini easels, paints and smocks.
  7. Harry Potter-world with Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, wizard costumes and a magic show.
  8. Build-a-Lego party — just fill the living room with a big pile of Legos!
  9. Baking “cook-off” with apron decorating, a cooking contest and cupcake tasting.
  10. Jungle-safari where kids can dress like their favorite animals and have tropical-fruit salad.
  11. Bug-hunt! Supply magnifying glasses, bug houses and “dirt cake.”
  12. Archaeological excavation birthday — kids can dig artifacts out of plaster and dress like Indiana Jones.
  13. Circus party where kids can perform acts of derring-do.
  14. Farm-themed party where you host kids at a farm, or have baby animals come to you. 
  15. Reptiles! Hire a snake handler to attend.
  16. Theatrical party where you sing Broadway songs, play charades and dress up in ornate costumes.
  17. Tea-party. Get out the china!
  18. Karaoke contest — just make sure you have your earplugs handy!
  19. Ocean-life. Visit your local aquarium or turn your living room into an under-the-sea adventure.
  20. 1950s sock-hop.
  21. Robotics. Kids can learn about robots while eating “nuts and bolts” snack mix.
  22. Jewelry-making parties.
  23. Renaissance festival with medieval garb, turkey legs and pool-noodle jousting.
  24. Backyard beach birthday.
  25. Kite-flying contest.
  26. A luau.
  27. Board-game party.
  28. Book-character birthday where kids dress up like characters from their favorite stories.
  29. Glow-in-the-dark birthday theme. > See 8 games to play in the dark
  30. Rainbow birthday party. Just find the pot of gold!
  31. Ballet/Nutcracker dancing and viewing.
  32. Mystery “who done it?” party with a scavenger hunt, secret messages and magnifying glasses.
  33. Gardening
  34. Pottery painting at a ceramics birthday party.
  35. Movie-making where the kids become filmmakers.
  36. Doll-making party
  37. Zoo animals
  38. Butterfly-hunt 
  39. Host a rodeo. Your little buckaroos can wrangle stuffed animals with jump ropes.
  40. Outer-space
  41. Geology 
  42. Ice-skating/hockey-playing
  43. Dress like heavy-metal rockers at a rock-star birthday.
  44. Haunted birthday — even if it’s not for Halloween!
  45. Sports. Take kids to an arena or play/ref a bunch of games.
  46. ’80s birthday party
  47. ’70s disco dance party
  48. Horses/Pretend horse ranch
  49. Army-themed birthday with a crazy “capture the flag” obstacle course 
  50. Water games
  51. Scrapbooking day
  52. Star Wars
  53. American Girl at-home or in the store 
  54. Set up sand bags to kick at a karate-themed party
  55. A day in the tropics. Set up mini pools complete with inflatable palm trees.
  56. Fortune-telling party with Tarot cards and crystal balls
  57. Build the best snowman
  58. Play-dough contest where kids make homemade dough and sculpt cool things. (Learn how to make play-dough)
  59. DIY tie-dye 
  60. Laser-tag
  61. Barbie-themed party with toilet paper gown designs
  62. Ice cream making.
  63. Video game/Wii party 
  64. Field-day 
  65. Make homemade bubbles (Check out 6 Super Recipes for Homemade Bubbles for some inspiration) and have a bubblegum bubble-blowing contest at a bubble-themed party.
  66. Puppet-making complete with a puppet show
  67. Cheerleading party with pom-poms, megaphones and pennants
  68. Pajama-party sleepovers with popcorn and pillow fights
  69. “Going Green” environmental-themed birthday.
  70. Game-show party with fun challenges and prizes.
  71. Volunteering and raising money for a charity
  72. Any Disney movie theme
  73. Carnival complete with ring toss and cotton candy
  74. Rocket-themed party with model rocket launch
  75. Bike riding
  76. Candy-making
  77. South Pole adventure. Get arctic with a polar bear- and penguin-themed birthday.
  78. Mani-pedi party.
  79. The Wild West with cowboy hats and squirt guns.
  80. “Little House on the Prairie” party with bonnets, a covered wagon table and butter churning.
  81. Gone Fishing birthday
  82. Cookie-making 
  83. Scout adventures
  84. Spring is in the air with egg dyeing and flower pressing
  85. Bowling
  86. Cops-and-robbers
  87. Music festival where kids can try out different instruments and put on a parade
  88. Crazy-hair party 
  89. Fiesta with tacos, a piata and mariachi music
  90. “Tough Mudder” (kid-style) messy mud-run birthday!
  91. Alice in Wonderland 
  92. Yoga
  93. Teddy bear picnic 
  94. Trains
  95. Rock-climbing
  96. Go-karts
  97. Miniature-golf 
  98. Forts and fortresses. See what hideouts kids can their cardboard boxes 
  99. “Explore the world” birthday where kids p

    ut up maps and have kids bring dishes representing their ethnicities
  100. Talent-show
  101. Gymnastics

The truth is, little kids usually don’t remember very much about their birthday parties, but at least they can have fun in the moment with these birthday party themes!

Do you know a few great birthday party themes? Share your ideas!

Need some extra help organizing or setting up the party? Hire a babysitter or housekeeper to help out for a few hours.

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Kelly Sundstrom is an award-winning journalist, author and artist. As the mother of two twice-exceptional children, Sundstrom understands the importance of planning a birthday that kids will remember and enjoy.