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Animal Services,LLC

PO Box 9686, Chandler Heights, AZ

Animal Services, LLC is a family of pet care services of the highest standards:
For pet care we have the award winning KENNEL ALTERNATIVE PET SITTERS (" BEST PET SITTING SERVICE IN ARIZONA" - The Arizona Republic Newspaper) which specializes in a full spectrum of pet sitting- all kinds of pets -from reptiles, fish and birds, cats and dogs, as well as horses and other farm animals. From weanling, to healthy and the aged and chronically ill animals- all are cared for in your home. COUNTRY BOARDING cares for your pets in our employee's homes when your home is not a feasible location. FRUGAL PET SITTERS cares for your healthy, well adjusted pets in your home at an attractive discounted rates (Restrictions apply).
For your animal waste removal we have SCOOPERS. Not just yard waste from your dogs- but also litter boxes, bird cages, reptile habitats, fish tanks and horse stalls.
For your pets transportation needs we have PET CHAUFFERS. Visits to and from the groomer or veterinarian are professionally handled while you are busy doing other things. They also transport to and from the airport for long distance travel.
For your horses we have EQUINE SERVICES. Thirty years experience with extensive horse breeding and management. Services provided include stall cleaning, grooming and bathing, worming, supervising farrier visits and veterinarian calls while you are busy doing other things.
Animal Services LLC is a family owned and operated business since 1978.

Chicken Scratch Ranch

23517 S 182nd St, Gilbert, AZ

With 25+ years of responsible experience in caring for dogs and other animals, plus two dogs of our own that aid me in teaching dogs to feel at ease in social situations, let's just say that when I am with the animals, I am in my element. I will care for any size, age, or breed. (No red zone dogs please.)

We own horses, alpacas, goats and several fine-feathered friends that the dogs will get to know from a distance. They all have their own spaces and I am safe, calm and professional about introducing animals to one another, as well as to other people. Our ranch consists of a pet-friendly, air-conditioned home, a large fenced backyard with trees, a patio with misters and fans, plus two acres of fenced, green pasture to run and play in.

We, (my wife, daughter and myself) treat dogs with respect, love and discipline. We use humane dog-whisperer-style training methods to solve minor issues during their stay and pass along what we learn to dog-owners upon pick-up.

We try to make dogs feel like they are at home. So, if they sleep in bed with you, they will sleep in bed with us too. If they need to stay off the couch, we will follow through with your expectations so that they don't go home with new bad habits.

Our fees are: $30 per day for up to 15 days. Anything over 15 days is charged a flat monthly fee of $500. This includes up to three dogs per family. No fee sharing allowed.

I expect owners to bring proof of vaccinations, food and/or meds with instructions (enough to last their stay), and anything that is part of their normal routine (such as bedding, kennels, and/or a favorite must-have treat or toy). Also, leave me with your name and number, the number of your veterinarian or the closest acceptable vet or emergency pet hospital in the area, along with written permission to treat your pet in case of an emergency.

An assessment-like meet and greet is required before I will take your dog into my care. I reserve the right to decline any dog I feel is not a good fit here after the meet and greet session.

Other services we offer are grooming at $30 per visit (includes nails, shampoo and cut) and dog training at $20 per hour (owner must be present and able to participate).

Cash up front only; no checks accepted.
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FAQs for finding dog boarding kennels in Chandler Heights

In 2021, what do I need to provide for my dog when taking them to a kennel in Chandler Heights, AZ?
Most dog boarding kennels in Chandler Heights, AZ will require you to bring food for your dog, any medication they may need to take, their leash, a favorite toy or two, and their updated medical records. The kennel may also allow you to bring your dog's bed if you would like to. Some kennels in Chandler Heights, AZ provide basic veterinarian care, such as baths and nail trimming, so make sure you bring your reservation for those services in case the kennel staff is unaware you requested them.
How do I find good dog boarding facilities in Chandler Heights, AZ on
As you look through dog kennel listings in Chandler Heights, AZ keep in mind that you'll want to tour the ones you liked so you know it's a place your dog will enjoy. You want to make sure each facility has a high level of cleanliness, that your dog will have a comfortable place to sleep and will be able to get an adequate amount of exercise. As the kennel staff for references from other dog owners in Chandler Heights before making a decision. Also ask about how often you'll receive updates about your dog and how they'll communicate with you if there is an emergency.
How can I find dog kennels near me in Chandler Heights?
There are currently 5 dog boarding kennels in Chandler Heights, AZ on You can filter and sort local businesses by distance from your zip code, although you can expand the radius of your search if you'd like to increase your options. From there, compare your options by reading about how long they have been in business, the services they provide, and reviews from other dog owners in Chandler Heights, AZ.