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Heart O' Hills Camp's Photo

Heart O' Hills Camp

2430 Highway 39, Hunt, TX

Heart O' the Hills Camp for Girls 6-16, is located on the Guadalupe River's beautiful South Fork in Hunt, the heart of the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

The camp was founded on eight pillars of virtue in 1953, and still today strives to nurture a character-building atmosphere. Campers attain personal growth through intangibles--self-confidence, teamwork, leadership, individual identity, and dealing with challenges. Meals are served family style dining, and a tradition of etiquette prevails.

Enrollment is limited to 165 girls per session; campers and counselors come from many countries, and across the U.S. The camp population is small enough to be friendly, yet large enough for good variety.

Activities are fun and instruction-oriented, with all campers encouraged to take horseback riding, Red Cross swimming instruction, and field sports, then rounding out their schedules from a list of more than 40 electives--traditional, plus unusual.

Electives typically include English riding and jumping, western riding, quadrille, polocrosse, fishin', war canoe, canoeing, diving, competitive swimming, synchronized swimming, tennis, volleyball, softball, fencing, soccer, basketball, lacrosse, cheerleading, drama, dance, "Just For Fun", archery, riflery, climbing and rappelling, sign language, "Smoke Signals" and yearbook, pioneering (camp craft, nature, and ecology), calligraphy and papermaking, leather work, ceramics, pottery, cooking, painting and sketching, jewelry making and beading, nature crafts, sewing, needlework.

Heart O' the Hills was built originally to be a resort inn, so "tepees" and dining room are fully air-conditioned. The original hotel rooms house younger girls four or five to a tepee plus a counselor.

"The Heart" is owned and operated by the Ragsdale family. Role model counselors. Four-week and two-week sessions for girls 6-16; 7-day short term for girls 5-11 in August.

Also Ragsdale Family operated is our brother camp, Stewart, just 7 miles away on the North Fork of the Guadalupe. Same dates and rates, just all boys.

Camp Shalom of Central Florida's Photo

Camp Shalom of Central Florida

168 Camp Shalom, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Costimate: $145/wk

We are Camp Shalom! A co-ed, overnight, Jewish, sleep-away camp located in Orange Springs, Florida! We provide amazing summers for children, 6-16, and also provide a wonderful experience for our staff!
As a camper, you can count on a summer FULL of fun including 2x a week field trips, creative and engaging activities, friendships for life, water sports, competition, arts and specialty camps.
As a staff team member, you can expect great pay, free accommodation and meals, leadership experience, lifetime friendships and of course, being a positive role model for young children.
We are a Jewish camp and we celebrate Shabbat every Friday, however, we welcome ALL religions, backgrounds and lifestyles! We are extremely inclusive and eager to create new relationships.
We are a kosher-style camp which means either meat OR dairy is served at each meal.
We are able to accommodate most diets including vegan, vegetarian, gluten free.
Male and female cabins are separated on either side of the camp. We always have medical staff on the grounds as well as trained lifeguards.
We are offering specialty camps this summer which means every week we will focus on a new "skill" such as tennis, art, soccer and gymnastics. If you are an expert in something, let us know and we can create a great position for you. If your child is interested in a particular sport or activity, tell us and we will create activities to suit your little one!
For any and all questions, please contact myself (Lauren) or our Camp Director (David).

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