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30 wonderfully weird celebrity baby names

30 wonderfully weird celebrity baby names

With new celebrity babies always comes a whole slew of new (and renewed) celebrity baby names. Then it’s just a matter of time before these celebrity kids names — no matter how weird or how wonderful — start to see a surge in popularity with everyday parents, too.

“A name that has not been popular can suddenly start climbing the charts after a celebrity uses it,” says Amanda Barden, author of “Baby Names Made Easy.” “The name Kingston didn’t make the Social Security Top 1,000 Names until 2006, the year Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale used it for their son. In 2019, it was number 117.”

From A to Z — or more specifically from Apple to Zolten — here are 30 celebrity baby names that may or may not take off in the near future.

1. Apple (Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin)

Apple was a famously unexpected choice from this superstar duo, who later “consciously un-coupled.”

2. Audio (Shannyn Sossamon)

His actress/musician mom must have been preparing for the “sounds of parenthood” when she chose this name. 

3. Birdie (Busy Philipps and Marc Silverstein)

This name has a bit of old-fashioned flair.

4. Blue Ivy (Beyonce and Jay-Z)

This name needs no introduction, much like her uber-famous parents.

5. Bronx (Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz)

Because Brooklyn is so last decade.

6. Coco (Courtney Cox and David Arquette)

This name may seem fancy for a baby, but any cool kid can grow into it.

7. Cosimo (Marissa Ribisi and Beck)

If your name is “Beck,” the only way to take things up a notch is by naming your child “Cosimo,” right?

8. Cricket (Busy Philipps and Marc Silverstein)

Looks like this celebrity couple is really into the creative baby names.

9. Denim (Toni Braxton and Keri Lewis)

The good news? It goes with anything.

10. Doone (Amanda Beard and Sacha Brown)

This moniker feels straight out of the “last name as first name” trend. 

11. Dream (Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna)

Sadly, their infamous relationship was anything but.

12. Everest (George Lucas and Mellody Hobson)

If your dad is George Lucas, you’re bound to have an epic name. Like the name of the tallest mountain on the planet.

13. Future (Ciara and Future)

There’s great irony of naming your child “Future” when your own name is “Future.”

14. Honor (Jessica Alba and Cash Warren)

Choosing your child’s name by the qualities you’d like them to posses is a good move.

15. Huckleberry (Bear Grylls and Shara Cannings Knight Grylls)

Perhaps it was all they ate on their dropped-in-the-middle-of-the-woods-by-helicopter babymoon.

16. Java (Josh Holloway and Yessica Kumala)

Yes, please. Every new parent needs a double shot.

17. Lourdes (Madonna)

If Lourdes is a “weird” name, we don’t care. We’re here for it. 

18. Maple (Jason Bateman and Amanda Anka)

As in syrup? Super sweet.

19. Moroccan (Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon)

The weirdest thing about this celebrity baby name? His middle name is Scott.

20. North (Kim Kardashian and Kanye West)

It was the biggest “this has to be a joke” baby name moment of a generation. But now it just feels, well, absolutely normal. 

21. Pilot (Jason Lee and Beth Riesgraf)

His middle name, Inspektor, is really the star of the show.

22. Puma (Erykah Badu and The D.O.C.)

Bonus points for giving her a name that could help her land a sweet endorsement deal when she grows up.

23. Racer (Robert Rodriguez and Elizabeth Avellán)

Maybe not great on a driver’s license, but when your brothers are named Rocket, Rebel and Rogue, it just works. 

24. Rainbow (Holly Madison)

This name couldn’t be more colorful if it tried.

25. Story (Jenna Elfman and Bodhi Elfman)

We don’t hate it. In fact, we love it. 

26. Sunday (Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban)

This name is kinda popular … for celebrity parents. Mike Myers also has a daughter named Sunday.

27. Usher (Usher and Tameka Foster)

If there are four Ushers ahead of you (his famous singer dad is Usher Raymond IV), it’s just written in the stars of family history that you’re going to be Usher Raymond V.

28. Vanja (Chloë Sevigny and Sinisa Mackovic)

It’s fresh, it’s gender-neutral, and it’s more wonderful than weird.

29. Willa (Sophia Turner and Joe Jonas)

This strong, old-fashioned name sputtered out of popularity in the early 1960s, but it’s been back in the Social Security Top 1,000 Names since 2010. Our guess is it’s only up from here.  

30. Zolten (Penn and Emily Jillette)

Dad may be a famous magician, but Zolten happens to be a mom’s maiden name. Ta-da! 

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