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A Moving Abroad Checklist for Families

If you are careful in your planning you can move abroad hassle free with relative ease. Here's Care.com's moving abroad checklist!

Moving abroad can be a challenging, but hopefully also rewarding experience to go through. It is often difficult enough for a single person to accomplish a global relocation without any hiccups along the way, but when a partner and children are added to the mix, additional stresses or complications may occur.
Fortunately, if you are careful in your planning you can move abroad hassle free with relative ease.
Below, MOVE Guides have compiled a moving abroad checklist for families who are considering international relocation. Moving abroad can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! It is important to make sure everyone has something to look forward to in their new home, and emphasizing these attractions will help to keep family morale high, just as it should be during this time of change.

1. Encouragement Get your children excited about the move abroad! Investigate some of the cultural and social hotspots, shopping centres and sports teams to emphasise the exciting aspects of the new area you are moving to.

2. Schools
Possibly the most important choice you make when moving abroad with children is deciding which schools for them to attend. Make sure you do thorough research well in advance of your move. Things to look out for include : fees, academic achievements or extra-curricular successes associated with each school. It is also worth checking to make sure your children have had all inoculations that are legally required in the country you are moving to. If your children have not had certain injections, they may not be able to attend school.

3. Forget-Me-Not
Use the modern technology available to you, such as webcams and social media, and take the time to chat to old friends and close family. This will help stave off the threat of home sickness and make global relocation a less intimidating challenge for your children

4. What to Take
Children often have many treasured possessions that they would love to keep with them when moving abroad. It is important to keep as many comfort items as possible for younger children to make sure that there is some continuity in a time where everything is changing, often dramatically. That being said, you should try to limit the number of trinkets and toys you allow your children to take with you, especially ones which can be replaced on arrival after your move abroad.



This blog was provided by our friends at MOVE Guides. Who help professionals arrange every step of their move, making moving abroad easier, cheaper and social.

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