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Average hourly rate for nannies in the UK: £7.50.

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Hiring a Nanny - What to Look For?

Nannies typically care for one or more children full-time while their parents are at work or otherwise away from home. They are more invested in a child's development and well-being than babysitters as they typically create a daily schedule of activities to nurture the children they care for. Nanny services can include a range of tasks such as grocery shopping, meal preparation, light household tasks, driving the children to school or to various activities and assisting them with homework.

Types of Nanny Positions

In order to find the right nanny for you and your family you should consider which of the following types best match your needs:
  • Live-in nannies live in the family home and usually work full time, between 40-60 hours a week. In addition to caring for children, a live-in nanny normally provides regular feedback on their behaviour and undertakes household chores including food shopping, homework help and more. Live-in nannies are typically available on a flexible basis, work year-round and can accompany the family on holiday. Bilingual live-in nannies also bring additional language skills to your child’s development.

  • Part time nannies usually work on certain days of the week or during certain periods of the day. A part-time-nanny frequently watches the children before and/or after school or during the weekend for a couple of hours.

  • Night nannies typically care for newborns and help children sleep through the night either on an occasional, part-time or full-time basis. Night-nannies normally provide assistance in the morning to help establish a consistent routine and help prepare children for the day. Duties can also include diaper changing and night feedings.
In addition to basic safety qualifications, nannies typically possess advanced childcare qualifications and/or many years of childcare experience. With greater responsibilities than a typical babysitter, they command a higher salary. Wages vary across the country according to regional differences, experience and whether families provide additional benefits such as living arrangements. Normally, a nanny is paid on a weekly basis (based on hourly expectations) with families responsible for arranging their payroll including tax deductions.

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When it comes to finding the right childcare for you and your family, can help you through:
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If you have certain requirements, or your children have specific needs, you can post a nanny services job and list any specific responsibilities, experience or training to let the right candidates come to you.

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