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Guaranteed results through private lessons and life coaching
| Highly experienced private tutor & life coach passionate about kids I have worked as a private tutor coaching kids for more than 20 years. Making families happy is my passion. I am Spanish and moved to the UK in 2019, where I run my own Life Coaching business teaching mindfulness through private tutoring. I am keen on sports (surf, ballet, yoga, running, martial arts, swimming...). I would love to offer my services as a reliable, trustworthy, calm and loving coach or providing one-on-one tutoring sessions at home or in a virtual setting for students from primary levels. I evaluate their progress constantly and provide constructive feedback. I assist them with homework, project assignments, and preparation for tests/exams.
 My goal consists in creating a positive learning environment that motivates and encourages individuals, maintaining regular communication with them and their parents, whilst I build long-lasting relationships.
Carla is a godsend. Such a special and bright light on this planet. She stepped in to help with our 4 month old and from day one he was in love. We've seen them bond through her playful nature and beautifully honest and caring disposition. She has been flexible when it comes to our needs/hours and as a new mom I'm so grateful to say I'm 100% comfortable leaving Carla to tend to our baby. Absolutely recommend Carla to anyone and everyone."
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Tri lingual tutor and help with homework
| Hello and thank you for looking at my profile. I have excellent references, I'm positive, reliable, responsible, educated and speak three languages including French. I presently working as an after school tutor/nanny, but the wonderful family that I work for are shortly moving abroad, so I am looking for new opportunities. I have had various nanny jobs caring for newborns through to teenagers. I'm educated, went to Saint Martin's School of Art and an artist, which is why I prefer part time work and applying for your position. I'm also an excellent swimmer so happy to take your beautiful child swimming. It would be a pleasure to help out last minute if needed and if you have pets, I would love that as my beautiful dogs are sadly in Heaven now, so I do look forward to hearing from you. I also work as a dog trainer, dog sitter and dog walker and have had a range of dogs from dachshunds, cocker spaniels, terrier, poodle, pointer and German Shepherds. I love animals and have also had cats, baby chicks, a turtle, a lamb and a horse when I was younger. Please do call me as your children and your pets could not be in better hands, many thanks. Kind regards, Lisa Shahpari
Lisa S. Has been exceptionally supportive and helpful at a time when things were really hectic. She provided excellent childcare, took interest and engagement with my daughter's wellbeing, and was able to flexibly adjust her schedule to deal with unexpected situations. I can highly recommend her and would be happy to provide a reference should you require it. Please ask Lisa for my contact details."
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The average hourly rate for tutors in the United Kingdom is between £14 and £18
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FAQs for finding a tutor

How much does it cost to hire a tutor in 2024?

If you're looking to hire a tutor for your kids or yourself, the cost will depend largely on what tutoring subject you choose. As a reference, the national average rate for tutors on Care.com is £15.96 per hour as of February 2024.

How can I find a good tutor near me?

To start your search on Care.com, review profiles for the different tutors in your area and contact those that fit what you are looking for. You will find a description for each tutor sharing details about the subjects they teach, their experience teaching different grades, tutoring kids of different ages, and the services they provide. You can also post a job describing what you need and have the tutors to contact you through the site.

What subjects can the tutors teach?

You will find tutors for almost every grade and subject on Care.com. There are tutors specialised in university subjects, A-level preparation, primary school and even kindergarten. The most popular subjects include math, English, reading, foreign languages, and chemistry. We suggest sorting through each tutor's profile to learn about their previous experience with students and the specific subjects that they teach to find the one that fits your individual needs.

How can I prepare for my first session with a tutor?

Before your first session with a new tutor, sit down and do a little preparation so you or your child can get the most out of your tutoring experience. Whether you're studying for a specific test or trying to bump up that math grade, it's important to not only communicate your learning goals and expectations to the tutor, but also to bring up the specific areas you or your child need help with.
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When do you need tutoring?