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The average hourly rate for tutors in Liverpool is between £13 and £16
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FAQs for finding tutors in Liverpool

In 2023 how much does it cost to hire a tutor in Liverpool?

Hiring a tutor in Liverpool on Care.com will cost an average of £14.37 per hour as of September 2023. This rate may vary depending on the experience each tutor has, the subject you need help with, and how often you will require tutoring.

How can I find a tutor near me?

Care.com currently has 210 tutors in Liverpool. You can search for tutors by their distance from Liverpool and compare your options by hourly pay rate, the experience, the subjects they teach, and their availability. You can also see reviews from other families that have used the tutors you're interested in. If you're interested in distance learning, explore your options for online tutors.

What type of tutoring services in 2023 can I find near me in Liverpool?

The most popular tutoring services that you can find in $Liverpool are usually private tutoring classes in subjects such as math, chemistry, reading or English. On Care.com, you'll find tutors in Liverpool who can teach different grades from primary school to grammar school, or even university.
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