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The average hourly rate for child carers in the United Kingdom is between £9 and £11
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FAQs for finding childcare

What is the going rate for a childcare provider in 2022?

The average rate for hiring a childcare provider on as of May, 2022 is £10.00 per hour. This rate will fluctuate depending on your location, how much experience the childcare provider has and the number of children to be watched. Other factors that may also influence the rate include the need for additional childcare duties and any specialised care needs you have, such as overnight care.

How can I find someone to provide childcare for my kids?

The first step is to outline what you'd like from a candidate before starting your childcare search. Think about how much you are willing to pay, the level of experience you wish them to have, if you want them to have any first-aid certifications, and if you need them to handle additional duties beyond taking care of your kids.

After this is completed, create an account on and answer a few questions to find childcare providers that match your needs. You can then either post a job that can be seen by our extensive pool of childcarers, or search for childcare providers on based on years of experience, hourly rate, reviews, distance from your area, etc. After you have selected your candidates, you can get in touch with them, schedule interviews and hire the childcare provider that best meets the needs of your family.

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