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Laura S.
  • From £7 /hr
  • Manchester
I am a second year university student, currently studying a BA in English at MMU.
| I have much experience in mentoring and tutoring other students, at secondary school, sixth form college and university. At school, I was enlisted to tutor a younger student who was struggling in her English lessons. I met with her weekly, listening to her read aloud and helping her to improve her reading and writing skills. I also helped her with academic work, and would talk to her about any other problems she had as a young student. I undertook a similar role at college, helping a younger student with her academic studies in Psychology. She had been struggling with the jump from GCSE to A-Level, and as a second-year student who had previously received an A in Psychology, I was enlisted to mentor her. I helped her to better understand the material she had received in class, and met with her regularly to monitor her progress. She went on to achieve good grades which she had not expected. At university I perform a Peer Mentor role within the English department, regularly helping out with new students. These experiences were/are extremely rewarding, as I felt as though I had genuinely helped these students. I am looking to help students of all ages within their study of English, especially those at secondary school. Having received an A* in my own English GSCE, I definitely have the ability to help and encourage students of that age. A current English student myself, I have read many classic texts, and are familiar with many curriculum texts that students may be studying. I hope to teach full time one day, and doing something like this would be fantastic experience. I am a very friendly and outgoing person, and have good time keeping. I am 20 years old, meaning that I can easily relate to a lot of students, and find it very easy and comfortable to talk to and help them. I also have lots of availability, and would love to tutor alongside my academics and my role within the MMU English department.
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