9 baby shower gifts parents will actually find useful

When you're shopping for the perfect baby shower gift, it can be challenging and hard to decide what gift is best. But have no fear! We've come up with a list of gift ideas that are not only fun, but also highly functional for every new parent.

1. Swaddle blankets

Parents just can't get enough of these muslin swaddling blankets, and for good reason. They help reduce the risk of overheating and the more you wash them the softer they get.  A must for every new parent.

Where to buy: aden by aden + anais Dove Muslin swaddleplus Blankets  ($35 for 4-pack, Buy Buy Baby)

2. Baby bathtub

When it comes to getting baby clean, you have to make sure bathtime is safe, comfortable and soothing. Typically this is hard to make happen in a regular-sized bathtub. A spacious baby tub like this one will definitely make bathtime easier. You can even fill it with diapers and wipes for an extra-special gift.

Where to buy: Primo EuroBath Tub  ($25, Bed, Bath & Beyond)

3. Food delivery gift card

There are definitely going to be nights when new parents don't want to have to worry about food or figure out what to eat. A gift certificate or card to a delivery service like Grubhub can be a lifesaver. 

Where to buy: Grubhub Gift Cards (Customizable denominations, GrubHub) 

4. Indoor security came

This indoor monitoring camera is perfect for parents. It offers quick, easy setup,  a built-in speaker and mic, and it works with Alexa. New parents can use it as a baby monitor now and as a nanny cam later.

Where to buy: Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera ($168, Amazon)

5. Sleep sack

Anything that can help baby sleep is a precious gift for new parents. Sleep sacks come in many fabrics, including this super-soft muslin, and keep baby cozy, warm and secure throughout the night. Just make sure to buy one with a zipper, which is a middle-of-the-night game changer for quick and easy diaper changes.

Where to buy: Little Unicorn Cotton Muslin Sleep Bag ($35, Target)

6. Baby forehead and ear thermometer

If you're ever worried your child is sick or has a fever, the last thing you want to have to do is run to the pharmacy to go buy a thermometer. You want to be able to know instantly if you need to call the doctor. This thermometer does a great job and is a must-have for parents. 

Where to buy: iProven Baby Forehead and Ear Thermometer ($30, iProven)

7. 24/7 access to maternal and pediatric experts

When you're a new parent, you have a lot of questions, but sometimes it's the middle of the night or the doctor's office isn't an easy trek. For the new parent who needs on-demand advice from a nurse or breastfeeding tips from a lactation consultant, this gift provides 24/7 access to maternal and pediatric experts with unlimited video visits, so they can get the support they need, when they need it. 

Where to buy: Pacify Gift Subscription ($199* for 3 months, Pacify)

* Pacify's lactation  consultants are available 24/7 in all 50 states, but nurses are not available in the following states: AK, AL, GA, HI, KS, LA, VT, WY, MA, CT.

8. Backseat mirror

Since your baby's carseat is rear-facing for a good, long time, it's really nice to be able to check on them during car rides with a good-sized, shatter-proof mirror. This makes a great gift, as many new parents don't know how badly they need one until they have one. 

Where to buy: Britax Backseat Mirror ($35, Target)

9. Diaper and wipe bundle

Most new parents learn this pretty quickly — you can really never have enough diapers or wipes. The Honest Company makes it really easy to gift parents with a decent supply of eco-friendly, ultra-absorbent diapers and wipes. Each bundle contains seven packs of diapers and four packs of wipes. Send new families a single, starter bundle or continue the subscription to send them supplies on a regular basis.

Where to buy: Diaper & Wipes Bundle ($80 per bundle, The Honest Company)

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