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5 Homemade Dog Toothpaste Recipes to Freshen Up Dog Breath

Amy Aitman
June 12, 2017

Sweeten up those doggie kisses with these 5 DIY natural remedies!

What is that smell? Sure, you may enjoy those wet kisses from your pooch, but not when his breath is stinky! While it's important to brush your dog's teeth between trips to the groomer for hygiene and health reasons, it's also a nice way to give your dog fresher-smelling breath. But daily brushing with store-bought toothpaste can become expensive, and who knows what chemicals it contains?

Homemade dog toothpaste is easy to make. Most recipes only take a few minutes to prepare, can be stored in the fridge and have easy-to-find ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. What's more, with natural exfoliates such as baking soda or turmeric, you know what you're using will actually work and get those choppers shiny and white.

So get rid of doggie plaque and start brushing your dog's teeth today. Try one of these five simple homemade dog toothpaste recipes:

  1. Go Herbal with Turmeric, Parsley and Kelp
    With a natural base of coconut oil, this homemade dog toothpaste recipe from K9 Instinct uses turmeric as a natural tooth whitener, parsley as an antibacterial agent and kelp to help with plaque removal. First, make sure your coconut oil is soft and pliable by using a hot-water bath and a bowl. Mix in the turmeric, kelp and parsley flakes and store in the fridge between uses. To use, gently warm up the mixture to give your dog a safe and natural teeth cleaning. Total prep time: 5 minutes.
  2. Mix Beef Bouillon Cube, Baking Soda, Salt and Parsley
    This natural dog toothpaste recipe from Organic Authority is flavored with beef bouillon, so you know your dog will love it. With a baking soda and salt base, there are many gentle granules to keep those canine choppers clean. Use a small amount of water to make the paste, and don't forget the dried or fresh parsley to keep your dog's breath extra fresh. Total prep time: 10 minutes.
  3. Add Cinnamon and Coconut Oil
    With just four ingredients, this super-easy dog toothpaste from Dog Notebook is made from a bouillon cube, coconut oil, baking soda and cinnamon. Total prep time: 5 minutes.
  4. Blend Together All the Above Plus Mint
    For this toothpaste from Live, Pant, Play, blend these ingredients: coconut oil, cinnamon (a tasty exfoliator), a chicken or beef bouillon cube, baking soda and fresh mint leaves for extra-fresh minty breath. Use a pea-sized amount to brush your dog's teeth and store the extra mixture in the fridge for a few weeks. Total prep time: 10 minutes.
  5. Add Cloves and Tea Tree Oil
    Using the simple, step-by-step instructions from Ali Does It Herself, add a pinch of ground cloves, which is a natural anti-parasitic and you can keep your doggie's breath fresh. With flavoring from the bouillon cube (choose any flavor your dog likes: pork, veggie, chicken or beef) and coconut oil, this will be a toothpaste your dog will truly enjoy licking off his lips. Total prep time: 10 minutes.

For more great tips, check Dog Teeth Cleaning -- How to Thoroughly Clean Your Canine's Canines, and have fun brushing!

Amy Aitman is a freelance writer who writes lifestyle, parenting and pet care articles. Her little 14-year-old Westie gets a good teeth brushing regularly and has an amazing smile. Follow her on Twitter.

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