15 Cat Birthday Party Ideas

June 18, 2017

If you want to throw the perfect cat birthday, you need the perfect theme. Here are 15 ideas that'll get your favorite feline purring.

It's your cat's birthday and, as a member of your family, you want to make their big day special. So, why not make the birthday cat the star of the show by throwing her a big birthday party!

Throwing your cat a birthday party can be a fun annual tradition that the whole family can enjoy -- and there are some pretty adorable cat birthday party ideas out there. We've done some research and pulled together a list of 15 great cat birthday party theme ideas. All you need to do is come up with the guest list!

1) "What's in the Box?"

Decorate with boxes of all sizes, pick up some cat favor boxes from Tiny Gift Boxes -- perfect for party favors -- and serve up box-shaped foods like  these rice cereal squares from YummyMummyClub. Your cat can dine on Joy the Baker's chicken and rice squares, and the guests will have fun playing tissue box ping pong.

2) Catnip Party

Decorate the house with some homemade toys like catnip-stuffed yarn balls. Serve your human guests parsley biscuits from My Kitchen Snippits and serve catnip cookies from SparkleCat to your pet. Everyone will be entertained watching your cat go crazy from the catnip and you can send your guests home with their very own catnip plants as party favors.

3) Grumpy Cat Party

Guests can put on their best Grumpy Cat™ impression, you can serve up some Grumpy cookies with this tutorial from Montreal Confections and your cat can dine on Grumpy Cat food. Decorate the party with printouts of your favorite Grumpy Cat™ memes, and send your guests home with a personalized Grumpy Cat™ mug.

4) Cleopatra

Decorate with gold streamers and hand-drawn Egyptian-inspired artwork with tips from Artyfactory. Have everyone come to party in their favorite Cleo look. Your cat will relish the rare opportunity to lap up milk (inspired by Cleopatra's milk baths) and your human guests can snack on dates, bread and beer. Send your guests home with pyramid party favor boxes from Piggy Bank Parties filled with chocolate coins.

5) Summer Loving

Decorate with bright lights and open the curtains to let in the sun for your cat to bask in while she snacks on cantaloupe (a safe fruit for cats). Serve your human guests their own fruit salad filled with your favorite summer fruits, and send them home with herb pot party favors from the DIY Network after you play a round of volleyball in the yard (or a modified version in the basement, if it's too cold out).

6) Prince/Princess

Perch your cat on top of his favorite spot in the house and adorn his head with this crown from To Scarborough Fair. Serve your guests peeled grapes while your cat snacks on the finest cut of tuna -- perfect for any prince or princess. Send your friends home with their own fancy fans from FANCY Hand Fans to cool off their own cats at home.

7) Sylvester

Have all your "guethtth" put on their betht Thylvethter imprethionth and thee who winth the competition. Serve adorable Tweety Bird cookies from Jesicakes while your cat enjoys her homemade cat treats from Mess For Less (cut into Sylvester shapes, of courth). Send your guests home with a CD of everyone's memorable impressions.

8) Do Some Bird-Watching

Put out bird feeders for your cat (and guests) to watch while he snacks on bits of chicken. Treat your human guests to delicious Indian Black Pepper Chicken appetizers from Sinfully Spicy and send them home with a feather wand from Dream a Little Bigger to enjoy with their own cats.

9) Computer Keyboard

Set out all your keyboards and pick up some cheap ones from secondhand stores for your cat to sit on during her party. Serve keyboard key cookies like the ones from Watta Lyf to your human guests, and let your cat dine on tuna and cornmeal cookies from Nepeta Cataria cut into computer monitor shapes using a cookie cutter like this one from Cookie Cutter Kingdom. Turn an old computer mouse into a cat toy (like they did on instructables) for hours of fun, and send one home with each of your guests.

10) Water Fountain

Decorate the house with blue streamers that mimic water falling. Set up a decorative indoor fountain for your kitty to enjoy. Borrow or purchase an at-home soda fountain and let your guests have fun serving themselves. Your cat can enjoy some type of store-bought fish kitty treats, and you can send each guest home with a water toy such as the Aqua Bizzy Ball Fill with Water.

11) Laser Tag

That tiny red dot is your cat's favorite mystery and can provide hours of fun for your guests and your birthday cat. Decorate with laser-target cards like the ones from Simone Made It, dim all the lights and maybe even add a disco ball. Serve your party-goers red jelly beans and Hoosier Homemade's glow-in-the-dark cupcakes and serve your cat some pepperoni rounds. Send each guest home with a cat-friendly laser pointer, so their cats can have hours of fun and exercise, too.

12) Keyboard Cat

He hit big in 2007 when a video of him rocking out on a keyboard hit YouTube and it's the perfect theme for your star cat. Borrow a keyboard if you don't own one, and see if your cat can put on a show for his birthday, providing entertainment for everyone. Serve your human guests pistachios (which were endorsed by Keyboard Cat), and your cat can dine on tuna crunch cookies from doggy dessert chef shaped with keyboard cookie cutters from Sweet Prints. Send your guests home with a memorable keyboard cat poster.

13) Mice

Stock up on your cat's favorite mice toys, which will provide great entertainment. Your guests can dine on mice cupcakes from Taste of Home, and your cat will love the Snacky Mouse from Temptations. Decorate your fun party with mouse-shaped confetti and banners, and send your guests home with their own felt mice from CraftStylish.

14) Ball of Yarn

Throw yarn all over the house in different thicknesses and colors for decoration and entertainment as you watch your cat have fun in all the string. Serve your guests spaghetti and meatballs, and serve your cat a chicken and pasta stew from GroupRecipes. Send your guests home with their own balls of yarn sprinkled with catnip for their pets at home.

15) Ears and Whiskers

On the invitation, ask your guests come dressed in their best cat costumes. You can all eat cat-themed foods like fish-shaped crackers and pâté. Your cat will love eating this tuna birthday cake from Good. Food. Stories., which you can decorate in his likeness, and your guests will have fun with their cat mask party favors from Keira Cosplay.

You never really need an excuse to throw a party, but having one for your cat will provide memories everyone will cherish for years to come.

Wondering about catnip? Read Why You Should Get Catnip for Your Cat.

Devan McGuinness is a Toronto-based freelance writer who specializes in parenting and lifestyle topics. Keep up to date with her on Twitter.

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