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26 Under-The-Radar Strong Dog Names

Corey Kagan Whelan
Sept. 30, 2015

Strong dog names are a bark a dozen. This list includes some tried and trues, a few interesting takes on old favorites and a few you may not have heard of before!

Big dog lovers are to small dogs what small dog lovers are to cats. You can't imagine having any other kind (or size) of pet and have been dreaming up names for a big, burly pooch since you were 12 years old. Maybe you found just the right name for a large and in-charge best bud and then a Chihuahua won your heart. Hey, you can't fight love's arrow! Cool, strong dog names work perfectly well on the little guys, too. You just have to be OK with a little irony.

Whether the fur baby that won your heart is big or small, or if you're looking for just the right name to match his oversized awesomeness, here are 26 names your pooch can try on for size:

  1. Wolf
    Who doesn't like paying homage to their ancestors?

  2. Rebel
    If she's hard to train, at least you'll know why.
  3. Argos
    Do you love ancient Greek literature? This was the name of Odysseus' faithful canine companion in Homer's epic poem, "The Odyssey."
  4. Ulysses
    Or, you can go for Odysseus' better-known Latin name.
  5. Blue
    Although it may not be your favorite color, strong dog names like this cast an immediate cool vibe.
  6. Toto
    Ironic, right? It's great even if you don't live in Kansas!
  7. Bear
    Strong, powerful and known to take long naps, this is the best name for a big, burly friend.
  8. Beowulf
    The Old English version of "bear," Beowulf actually translates into "honey-eating wolf," says Belly Ballot.
  9. Clifford
    Big Red Dog and children's literature fans will get it immediately.
  10. Hercules
    It's the mother -- well, father -- of all strong dog names.
  11. Thatcher
    If your fur baby is female, give a nod to history and call her Margaret Thatcher.
  12. Hulk
    While you don't want a dog as angry as this superhero, it's still perfect for both pit bulls and poodles.
  13. King Kong
    Think of the possibilities for a name that includes two cool nicknames!
  14. Moose
    OK, so it's one of Canada's national animals. But it's also a great name for a dog, big or little.
  15. Ace
    It's derived from Latin, meaning "the best one." It's a great way to honor the feeling you had when you met your dog.
  16. Thor
    If your doggie will be given the job of chasing away bad guys, name her after the hammer-wielding Norse god tasked with the protection of mankind (and also known for his great hair).
  17. Banshee
    What could be better than a dog named for Irish mythology's legendary wailing female spirits?
  18. Angus
    From Gaelic for "excellent strength," this is an excellent name for a super-strong dog.
  19. Bandit
    This is the ultimate bad-boy name for a good dog.
  20. Krypto
    Name your furry dog of steel after Superman's powerful pooch.
  21. Ashanti
    From an African region, Ashanti means "warlike," according to Belly Ballot.
  22. Guryon
    If naming your dog for a large, exotic cat works for you, choose this Hebrew translation, according to Belly Ballot, for "lion."
  23. Hunter
    It's a cool dog name, even if you never go near the woods.
  24. Jax
    This name is perfect for fans of the video game "League of Legends" or the biker drama "Sons of Anarchy."
  25. Viking
    A strong and stalwart name that's especially fitting for long-haired dogs (or dogs who like to wear hats!).
  26. Jack
    A plain and solid, easy-to-love name for a gentle giant of a dog. If you want to keep it simple, you can't go wrong with this moniker.

For more ideas, check out Where to Find the Best Dog Names.

Corey Kagan Whelan has let the fates name her dogs, yet somehow they, like her kids, all have names that start with C.

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