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The Best Online Shopping for Pet Products

Lisa Tabachnick
April 23, 2008

Where to find great pet products on the Internet.

With the steady rise of e-commerce, you will find pet-related products, food and toys for sale online all over the 'net. Of course, just because there's a proliferation of merchandise out there, does not mean that all of it is good quality or that the web site offers great prices or service. Here is a list of some of the best online sites for pet supplies and accessories:

  • Planet Dog -- With its cool, eye-catching home page and orderly product listings (I love it when e-commerce sites include photos with their product descriptions), you can find everything from organic health sprays for your pup's aching joints to travel supplies to comfy dog beds and even special treats. One thing that's not offered though is regular dog and/or puppy food.
  • Doctors Foster and Smith -- It took me a while to understand the nature of this site: is it a news site for animal lovers or a site selling pet foods and products? It appears to be both and the site certainly covers a huge variety of pets -- from reptiles to birds to fish and of course dogs and cats. You can purchase seed for wild birds, grooming tools for horses, a clever algae cleaner for aquariums, and a large assortment of pet foods and treats.
  • PetSmart -- This well-known bricks and mortar chain also has a comprehensive online presence. Featuring food, treats, toys and shelter for fish, dogs, cats, reptiles and small pets, PetSmart.com has good prices and offers free shipping on orders over $60.00. The site lists dozens of brands and variations of dog food alone so, if you're looking for variety, this is a great URL to include in your list of "favorites."
  • PolkaDogBakery -- This is a pretty, boutique-style site with decadent doggie offerings -- all-natural gingerbread treats anyone? Polka Dog Bakery also lists dog toys (albeit a small variety), organic sprays to calm a hyper canine, a good variety of chew toys, and trendy t-shirt (for owners only). The site does not have a huge variety of products and, what they do sell is for the fun, hip, outdoorsy dog owner.
  • G.W. Little -- Wow, what a colorful, eye-catching web site. I'm not a dog owner, but if I did own a small dog, I'd definitely be online at G.W. Little. If you're dying to buy a leash with pretty iridescent "wings" for your wee pup, this is the place to visit. They even sell a product which appears to be a cool-looking diaper for your dog! Other offerings include treats, carriers, blankets and doggie jackets.
  • Uncommon Goods -- At first I had difficulty finding the pet section of this site. But, once I found it (under Gifts - For Pet Lovers or under Accessories -- For Pet Lovers), I was impressed with the unique selection of goods. Charming bird-seed ornaments and bird feeders designed as tractors, vintage radios and wishing wells could make a great gift for almost anyone. Uncommon Goods also features Dogs of the World floor mats, Zen Chew Toys and a large selection of pet-themed earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces.

With the huge variety of pet-oriented content on the web, this "best of" list should give you a better idea of where to find anything from trendy haute couture pet creations to the lowest prices on dog, cat, bird and fish food. Happy shopping!

Lisa Tabachnick Hotta writes about families and pets for Care.com and other publications.

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