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DIY Cat Toys: 20 Fun and Easy Toys for Your Cats

Check out these DIY cat toys that are sure to be a hit for the cats in your home.

Have you ever come home from the store with a brand new cat toy, only to have your cat be more interested in the packaging it came in? Cats can make a game out of just about anything -- a paper bag becomes a noisy toy to tackle, a plastic bottle rolls nicely on the floor and that laundry you're folding is a veritable playground for your feline friend.

Even still, providing your cat with toys will ensure she stays happy and active, and doesn't accidentally ingest something she really shouldn't be playing with. Making DIY cat toys is a great way to show your cat some love -- and potentially alleviate some of your guilt about leaving her home all day. Making cat toys is fun and easy, and it saves you money.

Here are 20 great ideas for cat toys you can make at home:

  1. Easy DIY Cat Toys
    Toilet paper tubes make awesome cat toys. They are free, everyone has them and they can be made into many things. This toy from Sunshine Maker Meg is so simple, you'll wonder why you didn't think of it yourself.
  2. Cardboard Box of Tubes
    This simple toy from Fourwhitepaws also uses up toilet paper rolls, and adds tissue boxes to provide your cat tons of treat-finding fun.
  3. Cat Scratch Door Hanger
    This scratching toy from Design Sponge is functional, decorative and fun!
  4. Cat Scratch Pad
    Speaking of scratching, your kitty will love scratching, rolling, rubbing and otherwise climbing on this DIY scratch pad from jezzicasprojects.
  5. Cardboard Cat-scraper
    This scratching post styled like a skyscraper by MAISON KUOTIDIEN is fashioned from cardboard and made with love.
  6. Feather Fascinator
    Your cat will flip for this simple feathers-on-a-stick toy from Dream a Little Bigger.
  7. Cat Dancer Toy
    Everyone who likes to play with cats knows that "on a stick" are playtime magic words for both you and Fluffy. Make your own version with a little inspiration from Joy the Baker.
  8. Wiggle Wand Toy
    Another fun version of a toy on a stick by Happycat, this one is super easy to make -- and there are no sewing skills required!
  9. Cat Puzzle Toy
    This easy-to-make cat puzzle from The Glam Cat will keep kitty busy while you're away.
  10. Treat Dispensing Toy
    Your cat will go nuts for this easy-to-make treat-dispensing toy from All Things Pink -- all you need are a plastic bottle, treats, catnip and scissors.
  11. Easy Cat Play House
    The Daily Purr turned a simple cardboard box into a fun play space for cats, and you can, too.
  12. Cardboard Cat House
    If your cat is likely more interested in a place to nap than a place to play, he might prefer this house from Moments to Live For.
  13. Cat Tent Bed
    If you've ever shopped for a cat bed, you know they're pricey. So why not make this adorable tent bed from Practically Functional for your kitty to sleep and play in at a fraction of the cost?
  14. T-shirt Pom Pom
    This easy pom pom from Craft Forest will have your cat skittering across the floor in no time!
  15. Noisy Cat Toy
    What cat doesn't love a crinkly, noisy toy? Make one yourself like this simple one from my life. my story.
  16. Fleece Spider Toy
    This soft spider toy from As the World Purrs is fun for your cat -- and way cuter than the real thing. (Hint: It doesn't look like a spider!)
  17. Cat Fishing Pole
    This adorable cat fishing pole from We Made That takes minutes to assemble and will give your cat hours of fun.
  18. Catnip Bubbles
    Does your cat love to chase bubbles? Check out this homemade recipe from Cathie Filian for catnip bubbles that's sure to drive your kitty wild!
  19. Catnip Pillow
    Anything with catnip is sure to be a big hit with your cat, so give this catnip-stuffed pillow from Jersha & Dup a try. It's easy to make and it will keep your cat happy!
  20. Mini Yarn Pom Poms
    These adorable poms from Food, Fam, Crafts, Fun are made from nothing but yarn and adorableness.

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Victoria Georgoff is a freelance writer, psychotherapist, animal lover and pet owner to her exceptionally furry cat, MJ.

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