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10 Lazy Dog Breeds That Make Great Couch Companions

Steve Auger
Oct. 6, 2015

Long referred to as man's best friend, these 10 lazy dog breeds can also be known as man's couch potato pal.

Making the decision to adopt a dog, even a pup from one of the lazy dog breeds, shouldn't be taken lightly. Any dog owner will tell you there's a lot of thought and preparation involved from dog-proofing your home, finding the right veterinarian and even picking out the perfect name (having trouble with that? Try Where to Find the Best Dog Names). Some folks even go as far as to find a dog whose personality matches their own.

Socially outgoing people might prefer a high-energy dog, while those who value their couch time would be best suited to a lapdog. If you fall in the latter, here are 10 lazy dog breeds to consider:

  1. Basset Hound
    Perhaps it's those long, floppy ears or short, stubby legs, but basset hounds would no doubt medal in the cuteness Olympics. Given their laid-back nature, these family-friendly pets aren't very active, so it might take them a bit to walk to the podium to receive their medal.

  2. Pugs
    While pugs will never be mistaken for natural athletes, their curious streaks tend to make them a somewhat active dog. But they can run out of steam quickly and will seek out your lap for some rest and relaxation.


  3. Greyhounds
    Despite being the fastest dog breed, greyhounds are very gentle, mellow dogs. They are as good at resting as they are at sprinting.

  4. French Bulldogs
    Best known for their pointy ears, French bulldogs do best as indoor dogs. They may be inactive but they're also adorable!

  5. Boston Terrier
    Ideal for being a companion dog, Boston terriers adapt to whatever their owners want to do. They are also quite affectionate. If hanging around the house is your game, you've found a partner in crime.

  6. Great Danes
    When talking about Great Danes, the term "gentle giant" should come to mind. Despite their size, these family dogs love the indoors and being around children.

  7. Maltese
    Maybe it's because they're draped in fur, but these dogs personify the very idea of a lapdog. Developed to be companions, a Maltese is best indoors. They specialize in giving love and have no problem with using your lap as their throne.

  8. Neapolitan Mastiff
    Initially developed as a guard dog in Italy, these big boys are very protective of their families. Despite being an imposing physical presence, Neapolitans are very placid dogs.

  9. Pekingese
    Prepare to allow royalty into your home if a Pekingese is your dog of choice. These dogs are independent yet affectionate at the same time. Pekingese require just a couple of walks each day but you should be careful in the hot weather -- they have trouble tolerating the heat.

  10. Shih Tzu
    Here's another dog who thinks he's royalty and has the long-haired robe to prove it. They make great apartment dogs and only need a short walk daily. Bred to be companion dogs, they relish a spot right by your side if not on your lap.

Owning a dog is a great way to ensure you always have a furry friend around and a fun way to spend your leisure time. If you enjoy losing yourself in a good book to wind down your night or watching football all day on Sunday, the above list of lazy dog breeds is a good place to start if you desire some canine companionship.

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Steve Auger is freelance writer whose venture into the world of dog lovers began shortly after meeting his wife, Lauren, and her adorable puggle, Layla. He quickly learned that some of the best friends people will ever have are those that walk on four legs.

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