Sibling Announcement Ideas: 10 Unique Ways to Share the News

Shellie Braeuner
June 19, 2017

Here are 10 ways to get big brothers and sisters in on the surprise!

There's nothing more exciting than sharing the news of your pregnancy with your family and friends. And whether you announce it through the mail, on social media or at a large social gathering, you have an opportunity to do something unique to make the surprise even more special. Perhaps you could even let the future big brother or big sister share the news for you! If you need help with the specific wording, check out Ideas for Birth Announcement Wording.

Here are 10 sibling announcement ideas that you may want to try:

  1. Nurture Your Little One's Artistic Talent
    Let your budding artist show the world her change in status by having her paint the news in your own backyard. If your little one needs a little help to get it just right, you might want to just paint the picture yourself beforehand. Then, you can have her "paint" on top with a dry brush.

    Photo Credit: Brianna Record
  2. Post About the Future
    Your child will learn a lot about responsibility and caring for others through her first official job: Big Sister. So why not incorporate your little one's dream job into the announcement? In addition to being a great photo prop, this artwork can hang on your child's wall as a reminder of her new Big Sister status and how that will help her grow to achieve her goals.

    Photo Credit: Gina Hopkins
  3. Incorporate Books
    A tender family moment can be the perfect opportunity for a photo op -- especially if you happen to be reading a super relevant story. Consider posing with a book that tells the world you're expecting. Ideally, this would be a title about welcoming a new baby to a family or becoming an older sibling. This type of subtle message will startle your friends and family as they figure it out.

    Photo Credit: JoHanna McShan
  4. Create a Custom T-Shirt
    Here's a great way to inform the world of your child's new role, as well as the expected time when your new arrival will be joining your family. Bonus: Your little one gets a special souvenir that he'll treasure for the rest of his life.

    Photo Credit: DoanPhuong Nguyen
  5. Snap a Photo Booth-Style Shot
    All you need is a chalkboard and a camera to give your child the chance to share all the news himself. It's extra special if you can catch his reaction in the photos as well.

    Photo Credit: Amy Schuler

    Another great way to share the big news with your family and friends is through video. After all, it's easier than ever to post a short film to one of your social media accounts!
  6. Announce Through Announcing
    If you have older kids, you may want to set up a special announcement for them and film their reaction. These types of videos are super special because you can see just how happy someone is about the new addition to his or her family. 


  7. Spot the Difference
    Shoot a video of your child announcing the information to extended family through a subtle T-shirt or other type of sign. It can be fun to see who sees the message and gets the idea first.  
  8. Chat It Up
    While candid videos are great, you should also consider setting up something staged. If you have two or more children who are planning to welcome a new little brother or sister, you can create your own short movie. For instance, you can show an older brother "promoting" his little brother (to be a big brother himself!) and explaining the duties he will soon undertake.


  9. Sing the News
    Do you have a love for music? Then you should consider delivering your big news to the sound of a familiar tune. Whether it's a top 40 hit, a song that has a special meaning to your family or a seasonal melody, this is a fun way to announce your pending new arrival.


  10. Shoot a Blockbuster
    In today's digital age, lots of movie magic tools can be found with the click of a mouse. So why settle for a simple home movie when you can shoot your own blockbuster? Perhaps your film can star the future big sister as she prepares for her big scene, the arrival of her younger sibling.


Once your new bundle of joy does arrive, check out Encouraging Your Child to Embrace the New Baby.

Do you have any other unique sibling announcement ideas? Let us know in the comments below! And if you need a hand with your older ones before the new baby arrives, find a mother's helper on

Shellie Braeuner is an award-winning children's author. She earned an M.Ed from Vanderbilt in human developmental counseling and has worked as a nanny for more than 25 years. She is currently working on her MFA in writing at Vermont College of Fine Arts.

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