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12 Beautiful Calming Nurseries to Inspire Sleep!

Alison Wilkinson
June 19, 2017

Take a trip to dreamland with these lovely, calming nursery decor ideas.



When it comes to choosing nursery decor, the choices are endless. There are bold, modern nursery ideas , useful gender-neutral nurseries and of course ol' fashion, vintage nursery styles. Whatever your personality, you'll want to create a nursery look that suits you and encourages your baby to sleep. We've scoured the web for the most beautiful and soothing nursery decorating ideas. They all include lots of soft colors (heads up, gray nursery lovers!), cozy nooks and soothing finishing touches. So take a look and get inspired!

  1. Au Naturel
    Natural wood combined with your nursery's natural light creates the ultimate zen feel -- but don't forget to add a blackout shade for nap time.

  2. Tread Lightly
    A comfy shag carpet helps soothes tired feet while you rock baby to sleep -- and gives that soft, cuddly feel. Plus, it aides in a quiet "don't wake the baby" exit.

  3. Play With Patterns
    By keeping to a simple color scheme and adding patterns, such as stripes and diamonds, you can add some fun visual interest while still maintaining a restful environment.

  4. Tuck Away Clutter
    Cabinets offer plenty of places to hide all your nursery gear, leaving your baby free from distraction and ready for a good night's sleep.

  5. Choose an Accent Color
    A few pops of a bright color, such as teal, can highlight a neutral nursery yet keep the feel calm.
  6. Go Vintage
    Soft colors, a neutral carpet and a vintage tricycle are almost sweet enough to make you volunteer for bedtime duty.

  7. Sing Baby to Sleep
    The sound of your voice is soothing to your little one. Find lullaby inspiration in a music-themed nursery.

  8. Come Full Circle
    A round crib is a statement piece in and of itself, letting you go super mellow with the rest of your nursery without being boring.

  9. Create a Cozy Nook
    Add a regional touch to your soothing nursery by creating a unique design in a nook.

  10. Go Over the Moon
    You're never too young to start wishing on a star. Give your baby a head start with a celestial-themed nursery.

  11. Tame Your Wild One
    Think "hibernate" with framed prints of bears and other animals in an otherwise neutral nursery.

  12. Soar to Slumber
    Your baby will soar to dreamland in a bird-themed nursery that includes sweet touches, such as a trio of light-colored bird cages and a white mobile.

If you are looking for an extra hand when bringing home baby, Care.com has a number of doulas near you who are ready to help your new little family sleep through the night.

What simple nursery ideas have you incorporated into your baby's room to give it a zen feel? Share your photos with us in the comments below, or on Facebook and Twitter.

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