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10 Perks of Having Siblings Close in Age

Laura Richards
May 1, 2017

Here are 10 great things about having kids who are only a year or two apart!

Though it can certainly be a challenge to care for more than one young child at a time, there are many perks to having kids who are only a year or two apart. In fact, your children will benefit from having siblings close in age!

Here are 10 great things about this type of family unit:

1) Your Kids Always Have a Playmate

When your kids have siblings close in age, they don't need to look very far to find the perfect playmate. This can be especially helpful when you have a million things to do around the house, because your little ones can keep each other entertained.

2) It's Easier to Plan Family Outings

When all of your kids are in the same age group, it's easier to plan outings that the whole family can enjoy together. You don't have to worry about your older child getting bored at a children's museum exhibition!

3) You Only Have to Go Through Each Phase Once

Sure, if you have children who are close in age, you might have to change thousands of diapers over the course of a few years. But after that time has passed, you don't ever have to change a diaper again -- until you're a grandma, that is! And the same goes for breastfeeding, sleepless nights and other difficult periods. Once you're done, you're done.

4) Your Kids May Have a Closer Relationship

Though siblings who are many years apart can be just as close, your little ones will share a special bond when they go through certain life experiences at about the same time. They will live through all the same crazy fads, and they may even have some of the same friends!

5) You Can Have One Set of Toys

When your kids are close in age, you don't need to worry about hiding a certain set of toys for safety reasons. Bonus: Your little ones can learn how to share from the get-go. Check out the 18 Best Gender Neutral Toys!

6) You Don't Need as Much Storage

When an older child with younger siblings outgrows clothing, toys or books, most parents store these items as potential hand-me-downs. But if your kids are all about the same age, you can donate these things right away, which is a huge plus if you're tight on space.

7) You Can Take Advantage of Some Money-Saving Opportunities

If your kids are all about the same age and size, they might be able to get away with sharing some clothes and shoes. Just think of all the options your little fashionistas will have available to them! You might even be able to snag some group discounts for tickets to a museum or show. And, you may be able to score some extra cash at your next garage sale, since your kids' outgrown furniture and toys will likely be just a year or two old.

8) Gift Giving Is Simplified

When your kids are all about the same age, it's easier for you to find gifts that they can all enjoy together. Are they all dying to get their hands on the new gaming system? Pick one up and play a few games as a family. Do your little ones all want to go to Disneyland? Surprise them with tickets for a special weekend getaway. And if your child's birthday is coming up, you can ask her siblings for ideas and inspiration!

9) You'll Get More "Me Time" Later On

Before you know it, all of your little ones will be off to preschool. And then, many years down the line, they'll all be moving out. Since your kids will be going through these stages at about the same time, you'll be one of the first parents who can start taking advantage of having an empty nest. Though you might miss your little ones when they're out of the house, this will leave you with more time to do the things you love on your own.

10) Your Kids Will Probably All Go to the Same School

If your kids are close in age, then they'll be close in grade, too.This means that school drop-off and pickup will be a breeze, because you won't have to worry about driving all over town, making multiple stops!

Laura Richards is a Boston-based freelance writer and the mother of four boys, including a set of identical twins. She has written for numerous magazines, publications and websites. Her portfolio is www.LauraRichards.co and you can follow her on Twitter @ModMothering.

Can you think of any other perks of having kids who are close in age? Tell us in the comments below!

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