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Choosing a Kids' Alarm Clock

Wake up, sleepy head! Here are 10 fun alarm clocks to perk your kids right up -- and out of bed -- in the morning

Your child is off to school. Now it's time to teach him to get out of bed on his own. A kids' alarm clock is the perfect tool for the job. Choose one that matches your child's personality, his bedroom decor or both! When shopping for a kids' alarm clock, bring your child along and decide whether the clock should play music, light up or match a certain interest or a favorite character -- Star Wars or Hello Kitty, perhaps. No matter what you pick, it should be durable, reliable and easy to use.

Here are 10 kids' alarm clocks to consider:

  1. Luke, Wake Up!
    Darth Vader may be just the character to convince your child to throw off the sheets and go have breakfast. The Lego Star Wars Darth Vader clock works with two AAA batteries and doubles as a toy. It can stand or sit and the clock's arms and legs really move!
  2. Cute as a Bug
    The OK to Wake! clock will have kids smiling even before they are fully awake. When the toe is pressed, funny faces are the result. There's also a snooze option for older kids.
  3. Monkey Business
    This classic design sports a cheery cherry color and a smiling simian face. But the best part of the Monkey Talking Alarm Clock? The wake-up sound is positively shrieking perfect: "Eeeeee-eee-eeeee!"
  4. Two In One
    This pick comes in pink and blue, shows the time in analog and digitally and also doubles as a nightlight. The Kid'Sleep My First Alarm Clock also features three different sounds to choose from, including sweet birds, a cuckoo or a full-speed-ahead train. The sound progressively gets louder until the child responds.
  5. Extra Crispy, Please!
    Yup, The Wakin Shakin Bacon Alarm Clock really shimmies and raps about this delicious pork product. Loud enough to wake up even the soundest sleepers, the dancing strip of bacon is the most amusing clock on the market.
  6. Gorgeous Glow
    The Timex Color Changing Alarm Clock has seven pretty shades that will fill your child's bedroom with a warm glow. Along with the time, this round face also displays the date, month and temperature inside the room.
  7. Meow!
    This cat has everything your child needs to wake up refreshed. The Hello Kitty Dual Alarm Clock Speaker features a USB port to charge a smartphone, a programmable snooze button and a high-quality speaker to broadcast your tot's tunes while he gets dressed each morning.
  8. "Let It Go"
    Of course this clock plays the familiar Frozen theme as one of its wake-up options. The Disney Frozen Elsa, Anna & Olaf Night Glow Alarm Clock pictures all three characters along with an easy-to-read time display.
  9. Solid Shape
    Sleek lines and a lovely blue hue make the Advance Time Technology Silicone LCD Alarm Clock a modern choice for today's tots. Your child will love the large numbers. She can also choose the clock in pink.
  10. Rock 'n' Roll
    Got a kid who just won't get up? The Clocky Aqua Runaway Alarm Clock is the ideal solution. This pick will literally leap from the bedside table or desk and roll away from your child if he decides to snooze, rather than get up and turn it off.

Have fun selecting this important device with your child, and get excited to greet each new day! And now that your kiddo is awake, check out 15 Tips on How to Get Ready for School Quickly.

Jennifer Kelly Geddes is a New York-based writer and editor who specializes in parenting, health and child development. She's a frequent contributor to Care.com and the mom of two teen girls.

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