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18 Best Cool Math Games for Kids

Rachel Murphy
April 27, 2018

We found the top free online cool math games and fun math activities for kids, parents, and teachers to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, and probability.

Image via Getty Images/Caiaimage/Tom Merton

It’s no secret that math is a challenging subject for many students. Math homework can be just as frustrating for students and parents alike. Luckily, there are a variety of math games to help motivate and inspire your budding mathematician.

The online games provide students with a fun but educational and digital atmosphere to practice the same math concepts they are learning in the classroom. Extra practice at home will help lay the foundation for strong math skills at school.

To help, we’ve rounded up the 18 best online cool math games for students ages 9 to 13 in the following middle school and early high school categories: number sense and operations, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, measurement, and probability.

Here are the best online cool math games for kids!

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Number Sense and Operations Games

1. Sudoku: This is a tried and true game to get your child to practice number sense. The primary focus of this mind-bending math game is on using numbers to complete the sequence. For an extra twist, set a 15-minute timer to see if your student can figure out the puzzle within the given amount of time!

2. Math vs. Monsters: Just as fun as it sounds, this math game puts your child’s multiplication knowledge to test. In order to advance, your child will need to correctly answer the multiplication question while trying to avoid being eaten by monsters. Use the arrow keys to move your person to the right answer.

3. Subtraction Blast: Let your kid put their subtraction skills to the test with this brain-blasting game. Depending on what number is falling from the sky, use the 2 or 3 keys to cut the numbers down to zero. Time is of the essence because these numbers move quick! If your child survives, they will advance to the next level for even more practice.

Pre-Algebra Games

1. Orbit Integers: Blast off to outer space with this multiplayer race. Let your child practice their integer knowledge by adding together positive and negative numbers, but they’ll have to think quick. The only way to win is to be the fastest player to solve the equations. This is a great introduction to pre-algebra.

2. Integer Warp: Your child can fly in their very own spaceship through the cosmos as they practice multiplying with negative numbers. This is a great way to help your child fine-tune their pre-algebra skills as they compete against other three other opponents. The more problems your child correctly solves, the better their chances of winning.

3. Absolute Value Game: This math game teaches the concept of absolute value. Similar in style to the TV game show, Who Wants To Be a Hundredaire lets your child test their knowledge of absolute value. After correctly answering 10 questions in a row, they will win $100. Of course, this is all pretend prize money but it does come with bragging rights!

Algebra Games

1. High Stakes Heist: This algebra math game utilizes the order of operations. A town has been cheated out of their money and the fox is here to save the day. In order to return the money to the town, your child must use the order of operations to help crack open the safe.

2. Otter Rush Exponents: Your mathematician will need to determine what is the exponent and what is the base in order to help their otter outswim the others. The faster the solve the equations, the better their chances of being their opponents. Exponents are a part of basic algebra.

3. Stop That Creature: This online math game applies the theory of linear functions. The creatures are trying to escape and in order to keep them at bay, your child will need to name the correct linear function that controls the cloning machine in order to save the town from being overrun with monsters.

Geometry Games

1. Pool Geometry: There's nothing like a game of pool to get your child to practice geometry and angles. This is a great real-life example of using the math skill to plan out the perfect shot to win the game.

2. Fit It Quick: Similar to Tetris, this online math game challenges students to accurately fit all of the shapes in a neat and tidy order. In order to win, cover all of the light squares. This game will help teach your child rotations and the compositions of isometries.

3. Jelly Slice: Based around a classic childhood sandwich, Jelly Slice teaches your child to slice up the jam toast into multiple pieces. It’s not as easy as it sounds, because you can only make so many cuts and each piece must only have one star. This teaches critical thinking skills needed to master geometry.

Measurement Games

1. Liquid Measure: This game offers 30 levels of measuring fun. Based on the measurements provided by the game, the student needs to pour the correct amount of water into the containers on the screen. Remind them to double check their measurements and not to over pour or they might have some serious cleaning up to do!

2. Water Jars: The goal of this online math game is to have your child fill one of the jars with 6 liters of H20 from the waterfall and water the flowers. Keep in mind that the flowers only need 6 liters of water, so it’s up to your child to measure and water accordingly.

3. Down the Tubes: A team of agents known as the Odd Squad needs your child’s help to navigate their tube travel system. Some of the tubes are blocked and in order to clear the tubes your student must use a ruler to help clear the path.

Probability Games

1. Dirt Bike Fractions: This game allows your child to play against other users in the ultimate dirt bike tug-of-war showdown. To win the game, solve the fractions faster than your opponent. The more fractions that your child correctly solves, the more pull their side of the rope has against the other team! There’s nothing like a little friendly competition to help your student learn their fractions.   

2. Making Change: Playing store takes on a whole new meaning when your child has to calculate exactly how much they need to pay for their items. This math game encourages learning through real-life situations by incorporating decimals to help strengthen their knowledge of probabilities. Go ahead and let them play to pay!

3. Intergalactic Space Probability: Travel to space for the intergalactic games. As the director of the games, your child will test their knowledge as it relates to quickly comparing and converting back and forth between decimals, fractions, and percentages. This math game also encourages problem-solving.


These cool math games are great confidence-boosting opportunities to enhance your child’s math skills. Keep an eye on your child or play the games with them to get a better understanding of their level of learning. If your child continues to struggle with math, talk with their teacher or consider hiring a math tutor to help them succeed.


Originally written by Victoria Georgoff. Updated by Rachel Murphy on April 26, 2018.

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