The 70 best tutor apps for students of all ages

April 4, 2018
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While many students benefit from a traditional tutoring setting, using the power of modern technology allows us to present learning in a variety of different formats -- doing more “showing” than “telling.” Today, apps are able to engage kids with more visual and interactive ways than a textbook ever could. But when you're trying to find the best tutoring apps, it's easy to simply start downloading everything in sight.

No matter what your child's age or skill level, you want to find the most effective resources available so that the time your child spends using them is meaningful. With so many options, it can be hard to figure out which ones will resonate most with your child and help them meet significant educational goals.

We’ve scoured the internet to find the top apps so your child can get to work learning right away. Whether you’re seeking educational apps, tutoring apps, homework help, or systems to help students stay on track, we have an app for you! Here’s our roundup of the most highly rated apps to help students excel in education.

Best tutoring apps for reading

  1. The Land of Me (Free on iPhone & iPad)
    Enriches language development and early literacy as kids build their own story.

  2. Dr. Seuss's ABC ($1.99 on iPhone, iPad, & $3.99 on Android)
    A personalized vocabulary builder for young learners that lets kids record their own narrations.

  3. Elmo Loves ABCs ($4.99 on iPhone, iPad, & Android)
    Kids learn about letters, sounds, and words through games and activities, guided by the lovable Sesame Street character.

  4. Endless Alphabet ($8.99 on iPhone, iPad, & Android)
    Talking letters help pre-readers acquire vocabulary recognition.

  5. ABC Genius (Free on iPhone & iPad)
    There are tons of games on this free app, including some with word play and missing letters.

  6. Monkey Word School Adventure ($1.99 on iPhone, iPad, & Android)
    A well-designed app that’s perfect for kids who are ready to start identifying letters and sounding out words.

  7. Reading Raven ($3.99 on iPhone & iPad)
    A popular app with self-paced lessons that are excellent for phonics and decoding skill acquisition.

  8. Speech With Milo: Sequencing ($2.99 on iPhone, iPad, & Android)
    Enhance reading comprehension with this app that asks kids to put stories in the correct order.

  9. Kids Learn to Read (Free on Android)
    Helps kids learn how letter sounds become words with Tommy the Turtle.

  10. Starfall Learn to Read (Free on iPhone, iPad, & Android)
    Each section focuses on a vowel sound and its spelling to help kids connect written and spoken language.

  11. Bob Books #1: Reading Magic ($2.99 on iPhone, iPad, & Android)
    A phonics-based program that helps kids make the connection between letters and the sounds they represent.

  12. Learn With Homer: Reading and Educational Games (Free on iPhone, iPad, & Android)
    This game is a Teacher's Choice Award winner that focuses on broad-based learning skills and reading readiness for young learners.

  13. uKloo (Free on iPhone, iPad, & Android)
    Research skills and independent learning lead readers toward visual word recognition.

  14. The Sight Word Adventure ($2.99 on iPhone & iPad)
    Four customizable games help children read and write over 300 high-frequency words.

  15. Reading Train Endless Books, Songs & Games ($9.99 on iPhone & iPad)
    With a complete curriculum of 200+ books, this app gives children reading independence and adapts to multiple skill levels.

  16. Martha Speaks Word Spinner (Free on iPhone, iPad, & Android)
    Players learn vocabulary words with help from the dog on PBS' “Martha Speaks.”

  17. Montessori Crosswords - Fun Phonics Game for Kids ($2.99 on iPhone & iPad)
    Kids develop reading, writing, and spelling skills.

  18. Spelling Games Grade 1 HD ($1.99 on iPhone & iPad)
    This app comes in versions for grades 1 - 6.

  19. Word BINGO ($2.99 on iPhone & iPad)
    Word games that teach spelling.

  20. Sparky and the Case of the Missing Smoke Alarms (Free on iPhone, iPad, & Android)
    This free app is a mystery reading game.

  21. Word Games for Kids - Futaba (Free on iPhone & iPad)
    This app is a free multiplayer word game.

Best cool tutoring apps for math

  1. Laugh & Learn Lets Count Animals (Free on iPhone, iPad, & Android)
    For the youngest child in your family, this great free app teaches first numbers and words.

  2. Team Umizoomi: Math Racer ($5 on iPhone, iPad, & Android)
    Based on the Nickelodeon show, this app takes a fun approach to number identification, sequencing and early operations for young learners.

  3. ABC Mouse (Free on iPhone, iPad, & Android)
    This free app offers activities in a variety of subjects, including math, and can be tailored specifically to your child. This app also follows many school curriculum standards.

  4. Kids Logic Land Adventure ($2.99 on iPhone, iPad, & Android)
    This app offers free math-centric brain games.

  5. Math Puppy – Bingo Challenge for Kids (Free on iPhone & iPad)
    These multi-level adventure games are free.

  6. Math and Letters Air Control ($1.99 on iPhone & iPad)
    This app has aerospace-themed games.

  7. Math Fight (Free on iPhone, iPad, & Android)
    This app is a free two-player dueling game.

  8. Math Games Zeus vs. Monsters (Free iPhone, iPad, & Android)
    This app is a free math and mythology mix for school-aged kids.

  9. Math BINGO (Free on Android)
    This app teaches addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

  10. CyberChase Shape Quest! (Free on iPhone, iPad, & Android)
    These free games teach geometry and spatial reasoning.

  11. Math Planet (Free on iPhone, iPad, & Android)
    Geared for kids in grades 1 - 8, this free game supports more than 50 Common Core State Standards, teaching concepts like fractions, measurement, and number sense.

  12. Math Practice Flash Cards (Free on iPhone, iPad, & Android)
    With numerous options to customize your flashcard experience, this free app is great math practice for all levels.

  13. Kids Math (Free on Android)
    This free app teaches basic operations, sorting, and counting from 1 - 100. Each activity can be adjusted to easy, medium, or hard to accommodate every stage of learner.  

  14. Math vs Zombies ($4.99 on iPhone, iPad, & Android)
    This free app calls for kids to use addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to solve problems to keep zombies away.

  15. King of Math ($2.94 on iPhone, iPad, & Android)
    This app teaches fractions, powers, and statistics to achieve the game's different goals and objectives.

  16. Doodle Math (Free on iPhone, iPad, & Android)
    This free app is designed to help your children learn and practice math concepts with a personalized curriculum.

  17. Complete Mathematics (Free on Android)
    For advanced learners, these free tutorials and activities take kids through learning progressive math concepts, such as trigonometry, statistics, and geometry.

  18. Math Duel ($2.99 on Android)
    This app geared toward kids ages 7+ engages two players in a fast-paced game, allowing for socializing while testing skills.

Best tutoring apps for geography

  1. Stack the States ($2.99 on iPhone, iPad, & Android)
    This app teaches state facts, including geography.

  2. Stack the Countries ($2.99 on iPhone, iPad, & Android)
    These games cover international geography.

  3. GeoBee Challenge by National Geographic (Free on iPhone, iPad, & Android)
    This is a challenging app for older kids about geography.

Best tutoring apps for science

  1. Max & Ruby (Free on iPhone & iPad)
    This is a science education app for kids in preschool with an in-app subscription option.

  2. The Magic School Bus: Oceans ($3.99 on iPhone, iPad, & Android)
    Kids enjoy interactive oceanic exploration.

  3. Classify It! (Free on iPhone, iPad, & Android)
    This science-based app is free.

  4. Toca Doctor ($2.99 on iPhone & iPad)
    These are free mini-games about the human body.

  5. Habitat the Game (Free on iPhone, iPad, & Android)
    Kids save endangered species using this free app.

Great tutoring apps for foreign language

  1. Learn French by MindSnacks (Free on iPhone & iPad)
    Kids learn conversational French with this free app.

  2. Fun Spanish: Language Learning Games for Kids Ages 3-10 (Free on iPhone, iPad, & Android)
    Learning is made fun through sound effects and animation with this free app.

  3. Duolingo (Free on iPhone, iPad, & Android)
    Learn speaking, reading, listening and writing skills in 20 languages while playing a game.

Great apps for multi-purpose tutoring

  1. Khan Academy (Free on iPhone & Android)
    Khan Academy collaborates with the U.S. Department of Education and a host of public and private schools to provide a learning resource for all ages, offering over 10,000 videos and explanations on a variety of subjects, including math, science, history, and more. A parent favorite!

  2. IXL (Monthly prices range from $9.95 - $19.95 on iPhone & Android)
    IXL offers students a comprehensive K-12 curriculum in a broad range of standards-aligned subjects, including math, science, Spanish, language arts, and social studies. Highly recommended by parents and educators.

  3. Telling Time for Kids – Learn how to tell time (Free on Android)
    Learn time with free animated analogue and digital clocks.

  4. Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Games (Free on iPhone, iPad, & Android)
    Games with the alphabet, nouns, shapes, and colors are free. An in-app purchase downloads math games.

  5. Bugs and Buttons 2 ($2.99 on iPhone, iPad, & Android)
    This app teaches numbers, letters, patterns, and shapes.

  6. Fit Brains for Kids: Sparky's Adventures (Free on iPhone, iPad, & Android)
    This free app with more than 200 games enhances problem-solving.

  7. TeachMe Bundle ($7.99 on iPhone & iPad)
    This app covers reading and math, engaging toddlers through third-graders.

  8. Educational Games for Kids (Free on Android)
    This free app covers everything from phonics to parts of the body.

  9. Funbrain Jr (Free on iPhone & iPad)
    Kids in Pre-K and Kindergarten learn letter and number recognition with this free app.

  10. Halloween Learning Games for Preschool and Kindergarten Kids ($1.99 on iPhone, iPad, & Android)
    Find spelling and memory games here.

Homework helper apps

  1. Homework Apps ($6.99 on iPhone & iPad)
    Helping over 1 million students stay on track by tracking their assignments, managing their workload and creating a schedule.

  2. Quizlet (Free on iPhone, iPad, & Android)
    30 Million Students use this free app to learn with games, find and create flashcards and study millions of study sets created by other kids.

  3. Homework Helper by Toot (Free on iPhone, iPad, & Android)
    Get help from a mathematician. Just take a picture of your homework and send it to Toot 24/7 for help.

  4. Myhomeworkstudentplanner (Free & $4.99 Premium versions on iPhone, iPad, & Android)
    A simple planner for students of all ages that does not require network connectivity.

  5. SHAREit (Free on iPhone, iPad, & Android)
    The choice of over 600 million users, this cross platform sharing tool allows users to share files without using an mobile data and is 200 times faster than Bluetooth. This app is a great way for students to share notes, videos, files and audio clips from their mobile phone or computer.

  6. Wolfram/Alpha Android App ($2.99 on iPhone, iPad, & Android)
    This app gives users access to instant expert knowledge and computation through its use of algorithms and data, allowing you to generate reports on a vast array of topics ranging from mathematics to engineering to culture and music. Parts of Wolfram/Alpha are used in Apple’s Siri Assistant.

  7. To Go (Free on iPhone & iPad)
    This app is the mobile companion to delivering expert tutors in real-time for students seeking assistance. Study help, test prep and even career assistance are available for users.

  8. SmartThinkingOnlineTutoring (Free on iPhone, iPad, & Android)
    On-demand online tutoring service helping students with writing. 

  9. CourseHero (Free on iPhone, iPad, & Android)
    This app is a 24/7 library comprised of study guides, course notes and test prep from over 10 million students at 16,000 schools.

  10. Ready4 SAT (Free on iPhone, iPad, & Android)
    No more flashcards needed once you install this SAT app where users have access of up to 1000 questions with detailed answer explanations, digital flashcards, test prep and score analysis. The app even tracks your progress and test performance.

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