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The Best and Worst Mother's Day Gifts, As Told By Real Moms

Allyson Hepp
May 4, 2017

See what these mom bloggers really want this Mother's Day and some of their best and worst presents yet.

Between months of morning sickness, swollen ankles, and the eighteen plus years you will spend cleaning up after your child, it's only fitting that moms get a holiday to celebrate all of motherhood's triumphs (and diaper blowouts).

So while your partner may be reminding himself when exactly Mother's Day is (hint: the second Sunday in May), there's no shame in dreaming about what you really want on this special day - and telling them what you don't! 

See what these six mom bloggers really want this Mother's Day and some of their best and worst presents yet.

What I really want for Mother's Day: A healthy family, a nap and a can of condensed milk.

Best gift: A weekend at a 5-Star resort.

Worst gift: My child getting lost and found by an FBI helicopter at that same resort.

- Hot Mess Mom

What I really want for Mother's Day: World peace. Well, world peace and a really long massage. Every muscle in my back aches at the thought of an hour of relief. Other than that, I really enjoy spending a fun day as a family to remind me why I become a mother in the first place!

Best gift: I let my husband know that my very first Mother's Day as a mom was really special and very strongly hinted that he might buy me something special. I ended up with a beautiful silver bracelet that was just my style. After that year, I pretty much decided that I would call the shots on Mother's Day.

- Fadra Nally, All Things Fadra

What I really want for Mother's Day: I'd love an entire day where the kids aren't arguing with each other, a nice dinner out and something from Tiffany's. Ok, I can live without something from Tiffany's - but it would be nice.

Best gift: Handmade cards and gifts from my children when they were in pre-school.

Worst gift: Not getting anything for Mother's Day really missed the mark!

- Trish, Life in the DayngrZone

What I really want for Mother's Day: Is it wrong to say a day off from family responsibilities? Because that's what I'd love. A day (or maybe two) away. Where it's quiet. And clean. And someone else referees, feeds me and cleans up.

Best gift: I've gotten some nice jewelry over the years, along with many a handmade card. I've only had 8 Mother's days so far, none of which have been marred that I can think of!

- Michelle McNally, Gotcha Baby

What I really want for Mother's Day: A clean house, someone to cook for me, kids who don't fight (even if just for a day), crepes and beignets for brunch.

Best gift: On my first Mother's Day [my husband] gave me a sterling silver necklace with a pendant of a mother and child that is very abstract and artistic. I simply love it.

Worst gift: My husband would tell you that the gift that missed the mark is the Dyson vacuum cleaner I got last year, but I asked for it and love it! He did buy it begrudgingly because he thought it was not a gift that said, "Thanks for being a great mom."

- Ilina Ewen, Dirt and Noise

What I really want for Mother's Day: A peaceful, happy day with my kids, my parents, and my in-laws. And a clean house.

Best gift: Gift-giving is not my husband's special talent, so he needs a little help in that area. My favorites have been personalized jewelry pieces from Lisa Leonard Designs.

- Tara Ziegmont, Feels Like Home

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