20 best kids lunchboxes for school

June 29, 2020

Parents rarely enjoy packing lunch. But when your child has a cute, functional lunchbox, the task may feel a little easier — even if you still have to wash it at the end of the day. 

From six-section bento boxes (with removable sandwich trays!) to lunchtime accessories you never knew you needed, here are 20 cute and clever lunchbox ideas. Whether you have a preschooler or a middle schooler, there’s something here for everyone.  

Character lunchboxes

Whether you have a little one starting school for the first time or an older kid who needs a little something extra to get him in the school spirit, these character lunchboxes will bring a smile to any kid’s face come snack and lunch time.

1. 'Toy Story 4' Lunchbox

Image via Disney

Parents will love this cute lunchbox from Disney because it’s insulated and has a convenient shoulder strap. Kids will love it because who doesn’t love Woody, Buzz Lightyear and friends?

Where to buy: 'Toy Story 4' Lunchbox ($17, Disney)

2. Mackenzie 'Paw Patrol’ Lunchbox

Image via Pottery Barn Kids

Serve your kid classic PB&J and pretzels in style with this “Paw Patrol” lunchbox.  You can even accessorize it with the coordinating goodies like a water bottle, utensils and a bento box insert (see the Spencer Bento Box below). 

Where to buy: Mackenzie 'Paw Patrol’ Lunchbox ($27, Pottery Barn Kids)

3. 'Frozen 2' Lunch Bag

Image via Walmart

'Frozen 2' fans will love packing and carrying their lunch in this bag with Anna and Elsa on the front. 

Where to buy: 'Frozen 2' Lunch Bag ($12, Walmart)

4. Fortnite Lunch Sack

Image via Target

Fornite fans will love this rainbow-colored lunch sack that features Rift, Black Knight, DJ Yonder and the rest of the gang. Definitely cool. 

Where to buy: Fortnite Amplify 2.0 Lunch Sack ($13, Target)

5. ‘Peppa Pig’ Combo Lunch Bag

Just like Peppa, this lunch bag has a very sparkly personality! Soft, glittery and insulated, this cute lunch bag is perfect for the Peppa-loving preschooler in your life. 

Where to buy: Peppa Pig Soft Insulated Lunch Bag ($15, Amazon)

6. Lego Minifigure Lunch Set

Image via Lego

Lego fans big and small will get a kick out of this durable set that comes with a drinking bottle and lunchbox, which, let’s be honest, can also double as a Lego holder. 

Where to buy: Minifigure Lunch Set ($12, Lego)

Big kid lunchboxes

For older kids who are over characters and clever carrying handles and who just want to be low-key, here are a few cool subtle-but-functional options. 

7. Fluf Zipper Lunch Bag

Image via Treehouse Kid & Craft

You'll love that this certified organic cotton lunch bag is machine washable (!!!), and your tween or teen will dig its understated design. You can't go wrong with this choice. 

Where to buy: Fluf Zipper Lunch Bag ($29, Treehouse Kid & Craft)

8. Rodgers Lunchbox

Image via State Bags

Not only is the Rodgers Lunchbox from State classic and timeless — you know, as much as a lunchbox can be — but inside, there’s a detachable Velcro divider that helps with food organization. And the best part? State helps American children and families in need with every product purchased. 

Where to buy: Rodgers Lunchbox ($42, State Bags)

9. Kate Spade Striped Lunch Tote

Image via Zappos

Be honest, moms: There’s about a 100% chance of you borrowing this cute lunch tote from your big kid. Striped, insulated and chic. Really, what more do you need?

Where to buy: Kate Spade Lunch Tote ($30, Zappos)

10. Houtby Reusable Insulated Lunch Bag

Image via Amazon

On the outside, it looks like a regular ol’ paper bag, but on the inside, it’s insulated and waterproof! Brilliant! Kids who just want to blend in — and who don’t want to be wasteful — will love this bag that keeps on giving. 

Where to buy: Houtby Reusable Lunch Bag ($11, Amazon)

11.  Light + Nine Lunch Tote

Image via Maisonette

These perfectly sized lunch totes are durable and spill proof — and they look pretty darn cool, too. Patches sold separately. 

Where to buy: Light + Nine Lunch Tote ($20, Maisonette)

12. Guitar Lunch Box 


Image via Anthropologie

Gonna be honest. The tin inner lining on this adorable lunch box probably won't fair well against moisture, but this sure is perfect for the music-loving tween or teen whose toting some extra dry snacks. 

Where to buy: Guitar Lunch Box ($20, Anthropologie)

Bento boxes

In the past few years, lunchtime bento boxes have become all the rage — and with good reason. Not only do they keep food separate, they make for just one (eco-friendly) box to clean at the end of the day. 

Here are a few picks:

13. Spencer Bento Box

Image via Pottery Barn Kids

If Pottery Barn Kids is making a bento box, you know it’s going to be cute. Available in five classic colors, these bento boxes aren’t only affordable, they’re cleverly made. One section has a top for tend-to-spill items like hummus or yogurt. Well-played. 

Where to buy: Spencer Bento Box ($17, Pottery Barn Kids)

14. Stuck on You Bento Box + Sandwich Tray

Image via Stuck on You

Sometimes shelling out a little extra pays. While these cute bento boxes from Stuck on You are on the pricier side, they come with six compartments (including lunch suggestions!) and a removable tray. And an added bonus? It has super-cute designs and optional personalization. 

Where to buy: Bento Box + Sandwich Tray ($48, Stuck on You)

15. LunchBots Quad Snack Container

Image via Amazon

One of the OG divided lunch containers, the stainless steel LunchBots Medium Quad Bento Box is no frills, but it gets the job done. And for a little pizazz — and added protection — you can add a colored protective cover over the top. Cute! And still, the only thing that touches your food is the stainless steel. Smart.

Where to buy: LunchBots Medium Quad Bento Box ($26, Amazon)

16. Monbento Tresor Bento Box

Image via Monbento

How cute is this compact little bento box in Blue Infinity? With this innovative three-compartment design, you can keep lunch simple — and separate. Plus, kids will love the fun interchangeable designs they can switch out on top. 

Where to buy: MB Tresor Blue Infinity Kid's Bento Box ($22, Monbento)

Lunchbox accessories

With a few small accessories, you can take any lunchbox from average to awesome. 

17. Bakerpan Silicone Mini Cupcake Holders

Image via Amazon

Great for dividing within bento box sections, silicone baking cups are ideal for keeping the crackers away from the cheese or the grapes away from the pretzels. 

Where to buy: Bakerpan Mini Silicone Cupcake Holders ($10, Amazon)

18. CuteZCute Mini Condiment Containers

CuteZCute Condiment Containers ($6, Amazon)

You know that feeling when you want to pack your kid a side of dressing or guac, but you just don’t want it getting everywhere? Thanks to these cute condiment holders, you’ll worry no more!

19. Go Fresh Food Picks

Go Fresh Food Picks ($9, Amazon)

Instead of packing a full-size fork for your little one’s fruit salad, surprise them with a super-cute animal food pick. Because eating watermelon with a pink giraffe is always a good idea. 

20. Cash Money Coin Pouch

Image via Three Potato Four

For kids who need to stash a few bucks for lunch or snacks on the go, this little coin pouch is perfect. 

Where to buy: Cash Money Coin Pouch ($8, Three Potato Four)

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