13 parents give us a reason to laugh amid the coronavirus pandemic

It's pretty shocking living in this new reality that is the coronavirus pandemic. Add being a parent to the mix, and it can have you feeling next-level frantic at times. That's when it's good to remember we're not alone. We're all in this together (always at least six feet apart but, you know, together-ish). So while we're stuck here telling our kids to wash their hands for the umpteenth time and social distancing the best we can, let's have a laugh, shall we?

1. Seriously ... is it?

2. Just another day in the life ... 

3. Finding the everyday miracles.

4. If you're not saying 'wash your hands,' are you even a parent right now?

5. And yet, despite all efforts ... 

6. And you get a touch, and you get a touch, and you ... 

7. Sorry, kids ... you deserved better.

8. You wouldn't like us when we're hungry.

9. Literally, anything but our wi-fi ... 

10. No toilet paper? No problem. 

11. Pssst, we got the good stuff right inside ... 

12. Ready or not, here comes the next Baby Boom. 

13. Here's hoping! 
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