15 parents who are barely surviving sick season with kids

Jan. 14, 2020

It’s here, everyone! Sick season is in full-swing! A cold? The flu? A nasty stomach bug? Who knows what your household will come down with this year?! But one thing is all but certain: When you have kids, some sort of virus will make its way through your family, and it won’t be pretty

From calls from school nurse to parenting a sick kid in the middle of the night, 15 parents wax poetic on the hell that is sick season with kids

1. You OK over there?

2. Just cancel plans from January through April.

3. Anyone have a glove?

4. So, that’s the problem!

5. What a sweet ball of germs.

6. Wait a second…

7. The silver lining.

8. Two words: Murphy’s Law.

9. When you hit your point.

10. Hone your craft, kiddo!

11. Hope this one has a good ending.

12. When the nurse isn’t amused.

13. These are the days.

14. Jesus take the wheel!

15. And the winner is…

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