14 parenting resolutions from moms and dads who are already over this year

Jan. 6, 2020

New Year’s resolutions. They can be tough sledding. And when you have kids, they feel even harder to keep. Whether it’s because you’re a little more tired, a little more stressed, a little more pressed for time — or all of the above — the odds are not ever in your resolution favor when you’re a parent. Sorry, guys. 

From promises of more patience to the outright thwarting of virtuous plans (thanks, kids), here are 15 relatable parenting resolutions from past and present. New year, new you? Not so fast.

1. Starting off strong.

2. This could apply to either person here. 

3. Hey, at least there’s an excuse to buy the family size.

4. Is the option even up to you when you’re a parent?

5. All you can do is try. 

6. Any volunteers?

7. When the kids get in on the fun!

8. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

9. Sometimes, it’s the little things. 

10. This is awkward. 

11. Dad jokes for days. 

12. Annnd that’s when it all goes to crap. 

13. Killing it, kiddo. 

14. When you crack hard. 

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