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How to Present Yourself in Your Care.com Profile

Ease your job search by making the most out of your profile on Care.com.

Your profile on Care.com is like your business card. It shows what you can offer and exactly how you can help families and potential employers. To help you find the right job, we have summarised what information you should have on your profile to make a good impression.

1. Personal description

After selecting the services you provide and how much you charge, it is time to write your personal description. It is important not to underestimate the importance of this. Many carers only enter one sentence or copy a template but this is unwise as profiles with empty or generalised descriptions are quickly passed over. You want your description to be as detailed as possible with relevant information about you and your experience.

Use short, crisp sentences and ensure there are no spelling mistakes as this will make the text easy to understand for potential employers. Focus on the essentials: Who are you and why are you interested in this job? Think about the specific needs of the people you want to help. Demonstrate how your personal skills fit the needs of the person seeking care.


Photo source: © Care.com. Example field for personal description as a child carer.

2. Show your experience

This is where you should highlight any relevant experience that you have. Which qualifications do you bring with you and since when do you work in this field? Have you cared for an elderly person in the past or do you have experience looking after children? While sharing your experience, you should highlight the skills that you have learnt and that will help you meet the needs of your potential employers.

3. Give examples

Have you helped families prepare for a birthday party or walked three dogs at the same time? Have you helped families decorate and prepare for the Christmas holidays? Specific examples are great to show that you are flexible in what you can do.

4. Sample examples

Below are four examples of comprehensive personal descriptions that you can adapt to describe yourself:

  • Childcare professional with 15 years of experience

My name is Janice and as a mother of two children and a grandmother of four, I have great experience in the field of childcare. No matter what age or stage your child is at, I have experienced it and know how to handle it. I have been working as a childminder for 15 years and enjoy every day I have children around me. I am warm-hearted, energetic and enjoy spending my time reading, crafting and playing games. I am also happy to prepare meals. Last summer, I accompanied a family on a one-week holiday where I took care of the children and allowed the parents some respite. I offer this service to other families. I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Reliable housekeeper for independent work

My name is Rita and I have been working as a housekeeper and domestic helper for more than 20 years. After my studies, I became a housekeeper and worked in this position for several years until my children were born. Now that my kids are grown, I have a flexible schedule. I am a hands-on person with a strong sense of order and cleanliness. I work quickly and thoroughly. I clean every home with my eyes open and take on any task that I see needs doing. I like to iron, wash curtains, clean ovens, clean windows, etc. I also have experience taking on families’ spring cleaning. I look forward to your inquiry.

  • Tutor in Mathematics and Physics

Hello, my name is Lisa and I am 25 years old. I am currently studying Mathematics and Physics in university. I have been working as a tutor for 2 years and support GCSE and A-Level students in these fields. With the families whom I have worked so far, we usually agree on fixed tutoring times at the beginning. Typically, we have lessons once or twice a week. I am happy to conduct the class in your home and to bring exercise materials with me. I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Experienced dog sitter

Hi there! My name is Tim, I am 32 years old and I have been looking after all kinds of dogs for 4 years. I gladly look after dogs on a daily basis but can also be booked for the duration of your holiday. Holiday stays should be booked four weeks in advance. I require the signing of a care contract that details our arrangement and adequate liability insurance. I currently hold a proof of competence for dog owners. I love dogs and am excited to become acquainted with yours. I can take care of up to 3 dogs at any time. Kind regards, Tim.


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