Getting Fit in Spring

What you need to think about when exercising outdoors after the winter. 

At long last, spring is here!

Before you wipe the dust from your sneakers and head outdoors to shake the last of the winter off , there are just a few things to think about:  


1. Getting outside 

The sun is shining, flowers are blooming and the last remnants of winter are slowly vanishing from sight. This means it is time to dust off the sneakers, get outside and get fit for spring. There are many reasons to want to boost your activity in spring: you might want to get rid of those pesky winter love handles, bask in the sun during outdoor sports, get your endorphins pumping or simply want to improve your health and well-being.  

Research has consistently shown that intense exercise outdoors reduces the risk of many illnesses, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. There is no denying it: exercise is good and spring is the perfect time to start.  

2. Start slowly  

If you have had your legs up all winter, you should take it easy at the beginning. A short jog and stretch is recommended to gradually get your muscles and joints used to the movement and strain. Runners can, for example, jog for 10 minutes and then stop for a stretch. If you can talk easily while jogging, then you have found the correct pace.  

3. Stretching exercises  

While many physicians emphasise the importance of stretching before and after sport, there remains a debate around the issue. Some consider stretching essential while others refute its positive effects altogether. However, it is a fact that regularly stretched muscle is better prepared to withstand injury. So be sure to warm up before training and give your muscles a stretch.  

4. Nordic walking as a gentle alternative  

Those hungry for exercise but in need of a sport that is gentler on the body can turn to Nordic walking. The use of special poles works the arm muscles, the back and the legs, while taking the pressure off the musculoskeletal system.  

Nordic walking is regarded as a step before jogging and is particularly suitable for older people.  

So, now that the sun is shining, why not get a jump start and be in top shape for summer!  

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