5 Things That Change When You Hire an Au Pair

The benefits of having an au pair that you will notice straight away.

Are you thinking about hiring an au pair? Here are the advantages that you will immediately notice once you welcome the newest addition into your home.  

1. More time for you  

Having an au pair in your home means having an extra set of hands to help out. This will create free time for you. Now you can tend to any work-related or leisurely activities that have been previously neglected. Has the same book been sitting on your bedside table untouched for months? Well, now you have a chance to read it! 

2. Flexible  

When you hire an au pair you can tailor their schedule to suit your needs. If you need flexible hours for your job, you can organise your au pair’s schedule to allow for that. However, it is important to note that au pairs are not expected to work more than 30 hours per week and no more than 8 hours per day, including babysitting. Typically, au pairs help getting the kids ready in the morning and home in the evening and have their afternoons free for language class. It is best to agree on the au pair’s schedule in an au pair contract before they arrive at your home, so you both know what hours they will be working.   

3. Less household chores  

While an au pair is not to be mistaken for a housekeeper or cleaner, they can be expected to help out with light housework which will reduce your workload.  

4. Learn about a new culture 

Au pairs are typically from a different country or are a different nationality than their host family. This provides a great opportunity for you to learn about the culture they come from. Your kids might even pick up some phrases in a new language! 

5. Save money on childcare 

While au pairs do not work for free, they are much more cost-effective than conventional childcare. Au pairs in the UK generally receive £70 to £85 per week in addition to their room and board. It is also recommended that the family give at least £20 per week to cover the cost of language school. 

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