Garden Fun: How to keep the kids busy during summer

With the glorious summer sun shining, there is nowhere better (or cheaper) to spend a day with the kids than in the garden. Spending hours in your own personal oasis is a great way for both you and the kids to get some fresh air. From fun games to wildlife exploration, the possibilities for garden fun are endless. We have put together some outdoor activities so you never need to wonder how to keep your children entertained again. 

  • Cool down with the garden hose 

With the constant heat feeling like it is never going to end, sometimes an instant cool down method is just what you need. Use the garden hose as a shower and dance with the children under the spray. It’s fun for everyone and you will feel instantly refreshed. Of course, be aware of any hose pipe bans that may be in place due to the hot weather. If a ban is in place, this game will have to wait!  

  • Discover wildlife in the garden  

Children are little explorers and take in their environment bit by bit. Take them on a discovery tour and show them the birds, insects and other animals that are native to your garden.  

  • Collect fruits and vegetables together 

If you have any fruit or vegetable plants in your garden, you can collect their fruit with your children. Explain to them how it tastes and what you can do with it.  


  • Have a picnic in the garden 

With seasonal fruits or a delicious children’s cocktail, you can easily conjure up a picturesque summer picnic. Throw a blanket on the grass, lay back and enjoy the weather.  

  • Build sandcastles together 

If you have a sandbox in your garden, building sandcastles is a great way to while away the hours. Join in with your little ones and let everyone’s creativity run wild. 

  • Build a tree house 

If it is feasible, build a treehouse together. Your children will become real craftsmen and the end-product will continue to supply them with joy for years to come.  

  • Host a garden party 

Children have the most fun with their friends and other kids their own age. Organise a garden party with their school friends. Provide some tasty snacks, a little decoration and you are ready to go.  

These ideas can also be passed onto your childminder to help them through the long summer days.  

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